Turtle Beach: Black Ops 2 Kilos; Review

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This is a review for the Turtle Beach Earforce Kilos.

Turtle Beach: Black Ops 2 Kilos; Review

Turtle Beach Black Ops 2 Kilos Review

Cost: $79.99
Happiness with the product: Extremely Happy :D
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Everything has pros and cons, the Kilos have many more pros than cons, and the cons can be easily avoided with proper care.

Comfortable- The Kilos have coushins at the top and around both the ear cups, it makes them very comfortable even when I wear my glasses (For us glasses gamers)

Great Sound- The Kilos follow the stereotype of all Turtle Beach headsets having great sound. The saying about Turtle beaches is true, and that is if a moth farts on the other side of the Call of Duty Map, you will be able to hear it with the headset. (Not exactly true, but funny to think about) (The Kilos support all games, not just Call of Duty games)

Easily can be hung around neck when not using- The coushing at the top of theheadset that your comes into contact with the top of your head when you are using the headset, also makes the headset comfortable to have on your neck when you are not using it.

Great Audio with the Mic- The headset relays the your voice from the mic back into the ear cups as well as into the console, so you can hear yourself when talking. This helps to make sure you don't yell, but also lets you make fun sounds into the mic. Also, the mic is attached to a bend-able material so you can move the mic however you want to make it most hear-able with your voice.

Works with Mac, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3- Some very expensive turtle beach headsets don't even support all 4 of these systems. They might only support xbox, or Ps3, and so on and so forth. But the Kilos are the perfect headset for the beginner, medium, and expert gamer because they support all of these systems with the low price of just $79.99.

Inexpensive- As I said before, the Kilos are only around 80 dollars. This is great because they support four of the main gaming systems and they last a relatively long time. Some of the fancier turtle beaches that cost much more break very quickly. If you take good care of your Kilos they will last for a very long time. Just make sure that whenever you are not using them you have them on something, not hangning from the cord. Avoid bending the Kilos except for with the Mic wire. This should ensure that you Kilos last a very long time.

Long Wire- The Kilos have a nice long wire, that connects through a USB Port and an Audio Jack (The audio jack part connects to the xbox and ps3 with a RC cord that DOES COME with the Kilos). This long wire allows you to sit back from your TV while playing video games, but can also be coiled and tied together with a Velcro string that comes with it. Also, the wire is coated by a layer of stylish... I have no clue what to call it. The point is that it protects the wire so you do not have to worry about it bending all of the place as long as you keep it coiled when you are not using the extension of the wire.


Fragile- Like all Turtle Beach products, the kilos are fragile, but if you take good care of them you should be fine. You can also order warranty on the product for a little more money. I have no experience with the warranty, but the friends of mine who did break their turtle beach product usually took about 2 weeks from sending them the headset back and getting the new one in the mail. The friends of mine who did this did not use the Kilos, however. The friends of mine and I that have the Kilos have not yet had a problem with the Kilos. We do however, do our best to take good care of them.

Some information:

Before I used the Kilos, I had never bought a Turtle beach product before. I had heard about them, and how they have great sound and they enhance your gaming experience. I was looking for something inexpensive, that I could use on my mac and my xbox. At last I found the Kilos. They had a nice design and they supported the Mac, Xbox360, PS3, and PC. Also, $80 was the lowest priced headset that I had seen throughout my entire search. Both these components made me very excited to order the Kilos. I got them about 4 Months ago, and I have used them almost every day since then, and I have not yet had a problem. When they arrived I was overjoyed and I immediately set them up with my xbox. They require no software and took about 5 minutes total to set up to my xbox. If you need tips on how to hook them up to your xbox or ps3 there is a little booklet inside the box that gives you step by step guide on how to do so. Setting them up to the PC or mac only takes plugging them in and putting them on your head.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied and happy with my experience using the Kilos. When I dont use them I just put them down on my desk and I have not had a problem regarding their fragile build. They work well because they are inexpensive, I can use them on my mac and my xbox, but I could also use them if I had a PC or a PS3. When I am not using them but still want to have them near I can put them around my neck and pull them up to my head whenever I want.

Final Message: If you want to buy a Turtle beach headset for the first time and are not looking to spend a whole lot of money, get the Turtle Beach Kilos for 80 dollars. These bad boys support your computer and your Xbox360 or PS3. They take little to no time to set up, and their great quality makes them perfect for the price. Just make sure you are careful with them, because like all turtle beach headsets, these are fragile. If you are debating whether or not to buy them and the description above fits your needs, then this is the headset for you.

I hope this review was able to help you!


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