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According to Krazy Kool Aid addict Glenn Beck simply playing a game will make you skilled at anything, mostly computer hacking if you play a certain popular game... that's great! I plan to start dropping in on crime scenes to solve crimes for the police because I played CSI : Hidden Crimes, and according to Glenn Beck that's enough to learn criminal investigation skills!

A Resist This Android Review

Take heart everyone! According to everyone's favorite guzzler of the Krazy Kool Aid, Glenn Beck, playing video games will bestow skills unheard of unto you simply by playing! So far I racked up the skills to farm, cook, solve murders using criminal investigative skills, repair and maintain starships and... gather water in impoverished African villages by bending water to create paths like X-Man Ice Man... uhh... Review coming soon.

As much as poking the crazy gummy Glenn is fun, we have a game to review, and... mixed bag. For every good point the game takes away with a downer.

A Hidden Object game with a smattering of Mini games (very low smathering), you play up to 11 or 12 chapters unlocking each as you solve crimes. The entire game is rotating between location investigation or the hidden object game, and lab work which is a mix of Mini games and waiting... that's the overall body of the game, by the way, waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. Hours of waiting.

Following waiting the next big chunk of the game is the hidden object game. In order to do the lab work, question suspects or progress in general you have to pay in stars. The only way to earn stars is doing the hidden object game which burns energy... you basically burn out your energy in five searches on a full charge... it takes 270 seconds to recharge a single unit, up to six hours for a full charge. And you could be searching one local a half a dozen or so times for one star... like I said its a waiting game.

Lab work. If there is no stars on an item on your list it's a waiting item, taking between 20 to 90 minutes each. Stars go faster... once you earn a star which takes forever. You might play a mini game... and maybe be made to wait... this is where you get part of the stuff you need to solve the crime.

Questioning the suspects is the other half. And yes you do have to memorize some of their stuff so you must pay attention to the story in order to solve each case... or go watch a YouTube walkthrough... this kinda sucks as the game kinda keeps track of what matches between evidence and suspects, but leaves enough open that you have to remember the story... which sucks since lots of time passes because waiting game.

Everytime you level up you can earn items to recharge your energy, but only if you share your progress on Facebook. You also earn items by playing daily which you have to do if you don't want to forget what you learned in the game to solve a case... and yes you can spend entirely too much money, up to $100 (amount varies depending on your currency and location) for premium currency... and that never seems to be enough.

For every plus there is a minus. It has its good points, but also falls short. So... at the end its a middle of the road 3 out of 5. Not quite good, but not bad either so... eh. If your patient enough, and can remember things you might like this. Try it.

Next time... uh... well you mastered criminal investigation... how about learning how to gather water... by bending water Avater style while avoiding flying Ricks and assaulting angry peacocks... Stay tuned.

Your turn! Hidden Crimes and Hidden Object Games

Ok so it's your turn. Hidden object gaming and CSI : Hidden Crimes is the topic. Discuss below, no flaming or murder death kill, and thank you... for not posting "(insert word) post!" (Mr Editor).


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