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Some of the websites I use, have used, or heard of that makes you money.


This web page was first introduced to me by some family members. This websites is very simple and easy to use. You earn points (Swagbucks) and spend them on stuff they have on their store. Simple right? You might think it ain't because it's hard but it's not, you could earn Swagbucks by: Searching. You search the web and might comes across 1-10 swagbucks. Special offers: This allows the user to complete offers made by various companies to receive Swag Bucks. The payouts can be virtually any number of Swag Bucks. Swagbucks TV: Here you could watch any video that they have for you, and each video you watch fills a bar up to 5%. Once your bar reaches 100% you earn 3 swagbucks. Surveys: like every site might have, surveys is one easy way to earn swagbucks. Shopping: Includes Coupons, Daily Deals, and Shop and Earn. Coupons allows the user to clip coupons (hosted by and upon their usage earn Swag Bucks. Tasks: This gives the user an opportunity to perform simple tasks, such as collecting data, for various companies in exchange for Swag Bucks. Games: games is also effective just like Swagbucks TV but earn you a very little amount. Trade-in: The user can trade in video games and consoles or books for Swag Bucks. Swag Codes: Strings of text can be periodically found on the Swag Bucks network, and can be entered into a box in the menu bar or on the ledger screen. Referrals: To me, this might be the easiest and most effective way to make money. Just invite your friends and family and you're done. Daily Goals: A meter on the home page shows an amount of Swag Bucks that is the user's goal for that day. If the goal is reached, bonus Swag Bucks will be awarded at the start of the next month. Hourly random winner: Although your chances are very low to be the random winner, if you win you might get a lot of Swagbucks.


This is also just like Swagbucks, But this gives you the option to either buy stuff from their store or receive the money via Check. In my personnel opinion this website is way better. It very similar, like playing games, getting referrals, and many other things that boost up your points/cash. But not just those are the ways to make money, there is tons of ways to earn it. Just keep trying and you'll achieve it. So, if you're planning in joining a site that might make you money, these two are very good and I recommend them.


Cashcrate is an only money site, which in other words means that you'll only earn money. Sure you can make some points but you can't redeem them for rewards, instead you'll play games with them and have a chance to win extra cash. Just like the other two sites. You earn money by referrals, games, and multiple ways. Everyday there is a daily check-in, each check-in makes you 3 cents. Once you reach 20 dollars, you have the option to cash it in via check or keep it and continue earning more cash, so that your check keeps getting bigger and better.

Inbox Dollars

The last site I will mention is Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollars is just like Cashcrate, only things that differ is the check-ins and the amount needed to redeem your check. Inbox Dollars does not have the check-ins, and in Inbox Dollars you need at least 30 Dollars to redeem your check.


So, there you have the websites that I used, have used, or have heard of. So these will make you money, they might not help you retire and make a living with these but they will help you have a little extra cash in your wallet. Hope this helped you out.


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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
23rd Nov 2013 (#)

Very interesting sites. Looks like that I might have to check some of them out.

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