WWE 13 complete review

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the coolest and most anticipated game in wwe history going to release on wwe 13 , an article with full review .

WWE 13 complete review

WWE 13 is releasing world wide on 30th october 2012 for consoles , wii,ps3 and xbox . It has created a buzz world wide with its cool new features , improved gameplay , OMG moments and so on. Let us look into each one of it.

Attitude Era Mode

The most anticipated feature of wwe 13 , attitude era mode , feature the historical matches between legends like rock,austin,hhh,hbk,chris jericho and so on. It contain more than 70 matches and is the longest story line mode ever. The rise of DX , The Brothers of destruction , The Rock , Mankind etc are some of the names of the story lines featured in wwe 13 , It also allows the users to play the historical moments such as, undertaker throwing mankind over the hell in cell cage through the announce table. One of the most attractive feature of attitude era mode is that Jim Ross will be on commentary. There are more than 100 unlockables and videos which will bring back the memory of the best wwe era, The Attitude Era

The biggest Roster ever

WWE 13 has the biggest roster , featuring more than 50 superstars from both PG and attitude era. It also enables the player to make dream matches such as Cena vs Austin , Punk vs Mankind etc. Along with that there are different gimmicks of superstars rather than attire . For example , instead of mick foley with mankind attire , there are different playable characters and they have comparetively different moveset . Plus all character have their latest moveset and some superstars have 3 finishers.

Best gameplay and Stunning new features

Wwe 13 has the best gameplay graphics than anyother wwe games. It contain more realistic superstars with better entrace video and new animations. There are more than 300 new moves and every old move has been updated. The best part of wwe 13 is the omg moments. It enables the user to do mid air finishers for example randy orton performing an rko on evan bourne jumping from top rope. The gamer can break the ring , spear opponents through the barricade , break announce tables and so on. The opponents will stay down longer according to the last move performed. Predator technology have been improved and is expected to be awesome compared to last year. Cory told us that they have removed many glitches from wwe 12 .

There are many match types added to the list. I quit matches and special guest referee matches have been confirmed which brings up gamers from all parts of the world itching to get their hands on the game. More and more updates will be revealed on thq.com every tuesday. The article will be updated , when thq reveals more information

Stay tuned folks


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author avatar Shakur
16th Oct 2012 (#)

I love wwe12 from on down I bought evey wwe game since they been making them and know I cant wait intell I get my hands on wwe13 because It looks to good to be true and I all ready pre order it to get mike tyson so you know i ready want it.

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author avatar Tonyk
1st Nov 2012 (#)

its shit

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author avatar Mayur
25th Nov 2012 (#)

why? this game is actually a good game it has certain new features and it has attitude era which is a best part of wwe13
its graphic are fantastic and there are various new superstars as well as old superstars

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author avatar Tonyk
1st Nov 2012 (#)

this game is shit

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author avatar Tonyk
1st Nov 2012 (#)

but i would wank over mike tyson anyday

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author avatar Paki
8th Nov 2012 (#)


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author avatar Yop
9th Nov 2012 (#)

This game is very nice

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author avatar Angel
14th Nov 2012 (#)


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author avatar Daniel
17th Feb 2013 (#)

i think wrestle mania shood be brought back

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