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Results and analysis for the WWE Pay Per View event Over the Limit 2012.

Battle Royal for the #1 contender for the Intercontinental or United States Championship

Over the limit began with a Battle Royal and the winner would face either United States Champion Santino Marella or Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Heath Slater was the first eliminated followed by Michael McGillacutty, JTG, Yoshi Tatsu, and Ezekial Jackson we're tossed next with Tatsu appearing injured. Jey Uso next followed by Drew McIntyre and Tyler Reks along with Curt Hawkins got tossed together. Khali was a monster getting most of the eliminations as he threw out Jinder Mahal after that. Darren Young, Titus O'Neil and The Miz eliminated by Khali and Titus was booted out by Jimmy Uso. Young out by William Regal. A-Ry got D Young out before being eliminated by The Miz with four men left. Tyson Kidd was eliminated leaving David Otunga, The Miz, and Christian. Otunga got tossed by Christian and The Miz attempted to take advantage but Christian would not let go and battle back for the victory. He seemingly chose to face Santino for The United States Title.

Tag Team Championship match. Kofi Kingston and R Truth vs Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

Vicki Guerrero was out next to screech about what her position will be if Laurinaitis loses tonight and to introduce the Tag Team of Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler who will compete for the tag team titles against Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Kingston and Swagger kicked things off and battled for control. Jack got a little bit of momentum but Kofi quickly evened it up and got a tag. Truth continued to control Swagger but he worked his way over for a tag. Kofi also came in as he held control over Ziggler who found a counter. Dolph made a tag and they began to wear down Kingston. Kofi found an opening and a tag as Truth came in on fire. he had this in the bag but Vicki distracted the ref and the two would sneak back into control. Ziggler worked on Truth who began to battle back but they kept him away from Kofi and a tag. Truth took a lot of punishment but would not break. Truth hit a Tornado DDT on Swagger and got the tag. Dolph entered also only to receive a Boom Drop but Ziggler countered Trouble In Paradise. Swagger broke up a near fall and after a four man battle momentarily, Kingston nailed Dolph with The Trouble In Paradise to get the win and retain the Tag Team Championships.

Divas Championship match Layla vs Beth Phoenix

The Divas Championship was on the line next with Beth Phoenix taking on Layla in her rematch for losing the belt in a match which she got injured in. The Glamazon would power her way into control first but Layla found a couple of counters. Layla got a near fall and Beth began to battle back. Phoenix took control and began working on Layla's knee taking the action outside of the ring. They beat the ten count and Beth took control back in the ring also. After a couple of near falls, Beth applied some submission holds. Beth got caught on the apron and hung up on the ropes. Layla attempted to fight back but The Glamazon held her high over her head. Layla countered into a DDT only good for a two count. They battled into the corner and Beth had Layla set up for the Glam Slam but Layla countered and after a brief battle hit a Neck Breaker to retain the Divas Championship.

Fatal 4 way match for the World Heavyweight Championship Sheamus, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, and Chris Jericho

Next we would see a Fatal 4 way match for The World Heavy weight Championship with Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Sheamus the current champion. Sheamus pounded Del Rio out of the ring as Orton did the same to Jericho leaving Orton and Sheamus alone. Del Rio and Jericho jumped them again but again these two took the others out of the picture and joined in the ring again. They went toe to toe as Sheamus took control but Jericho pulled the ropes down sending the champ out of the ring. Del Rio and Chris took turns double teaming Orton in the ring and Sheamus on the outside but Orton attempted to battle back. Del Rio covered and Jericho broke it up starting conflict between them evening things up. Jericho got a near fall on Orton and cleared Sheamus from returning to action. Orton and Jericho battled into the corner and Del Rio joined them. Sheamus cleared all three and hit Del Rio from the top rope. He hit a rolling sit on before Ricardo distracted him. Del Rio took control for a second but Sheamus powered his way back. They traded near falls and back came Jericho and Orton. Randy was on fire power slamming two and connecting the Hanging DDT on Sheamus. However, Del Rio snuck up on Randy and latched on The Cross Arm Breaker. Jericho broke the hold as all four men began battling. Randy cleared the ring and hit a Double Hanging DDT on Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Jericho came in and took control reversing the Cross Arm Breaker into the Walls Of Jericho. Sheamus broke it up but Chris controlled him and locked in The Walls on sheamus. Orton came in and delivered two RKO's but received a Bro Kick. Jericho rolled up Sheamus but he kicked out. Sheamus hit white Noise on Jericho to retain his World Heavy Weight Championship.

The Miz faces The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay

The next contest would be The Miz facing Brodus Clay. Brodus took control first and Miz rolled out of the ring. Miz attempted to get some momentum when he came back in but The Funkasaurus was way too much for him. Action moved out of the ring and Miz used his experience to counter and push clay into the ring post. Back in the ropes, The Miz remained in control putting the big man down and getting a near fall. Clay found his second wind and powered his way back. Miz tried to go to the ropes but Clay met him there hitting a fall away toss from the second rope and followed up with the Huge Splash to finish off The Miz.

Intercontinental Championship Cody Rhodes vs Christian

The Intercontinental Championship would be on the line next with Cody Rhodes defending his title against Christian who changed his mind about the match when he heard Rhodes running his mouth. Cody got the upper hand first but Christian turned things around sending Rhodes out of the ring. Outside of the ropes Cody regained control and moved the action back in. He wore Christian down a little they moved to the top where Cody hit a Superplex. Rhodes was up first but Christian had a Small Package waiting for him. Cody kicked out and regained control. Christian found an opening catching Cody off the second rope to the mid section. They traded momentum back and fourth. Rhodes hit a Moon Salt from the top but Christian kicked out. Christian then flipped the switch nailing The Kill switch and becoming The New Intercontinental Champion.

WWE Championship match CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

On the card next would be the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. These two kicked things off with a grappling match for control. Punk got momentum first but Bryan started to battle back and after a brief exchange Punk ended up in control. Punk wore Bryan down and went to work on Daniel's leg. He applied some unique holds on Bryan controlling the tempo of the match. Action moved to the outside where Bryan found an opening and got control. Back in the ropes, Bryan would display some of his offensive holds but punk kept battling. Bryan locked in the Surf Board but pulled Punk even further and rolled him over bending him in half. Punk would not tap and countered with a flurry of elbows and Daniel regained control. Bryan went to the top rope and hit a Flying Head butt only good for a two count. Both Superstars went for a Cross Body in the center of the ring and they barely beat the ten count. Punk gained control following that sending Bryan out again and nailing a Suicide Dive. Bryan regained control in the ring and hit a flurry of boots but Punk countered the last one and locked in The Figure Four Leg Lock. Bryan would reach the ropes and they exchanged a number of near falls. Punk nailed a Clothes Line on Bryan while he was spread eagle on the ropes. They grappled some more and traded a few more near falls before Punk would nail the Flying Elbow to the heart. It was good for two count. Bryan delivered a number of knees to the ribs but missed the Drop Kick in the corner. Punk hit the High Knee but Bryan countered the Bull Dog into the Yes Lock. However, when his shoulders were on the mat and Punk got the three count to remain the WWE Champion.

Camacho vs Ryback

Next up Camacho would take a shot at RyBack. Camacho gave a little effort but RyBack demolished him even with the help of Hunico.

John Cena vs Lohn Laurinaitis

For the main event we would have a match between John Cena and John Laurinaitis. If Cena wins, Laurinaitis will be terminated as will any Superstar that interferes wit the match. When the bell rang, Big Johnny jumped out of the ring and ran. Cena caught him and escorted him back to the ring to humiliate him. Cena set him up for a AA but instead spun him around like a helicopter and watched him stumble out of the ring. He then chased him around with the bell and rang it in his ears. He bounced Laurinaitis off of the announce table before escorting him back to the ring. He begged Cena for mercy and offered his hand. John slapped him in the face returning the favor from last week. He grabbed a mic and gave Laurinaitis a stipulation. If he could last ten-seconds in the STF he would break the hold. Laurinaitis lasted not once but twice before Cena needed a drink. He brought some water in the ring and dumped two bottles over Laurinaitis' head and one down his pants. Cena got a fire extinguisher and emptied it on him along with a garbage can. Laurinaitis tried to run but Cena caught him. However, Cena re-injured his arm trying to drag him back over the wall. Laurinaitis got a chair and attacked Cena's arm but Cena turned things around again. Laurinaitis caught Cena with a low blow and fled through the crowd. The Big Show was in attendance and escorted Laurinaitis back to the ring. As he tried to run again Show stepped on his hand. He got him in a Choke Hold and pushed him into Cena who was set up for the AA but Show punched Cena in the head knocking Cena out allowing Laurinaitis to win.


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