War of The Processors, Intel Versus AMD

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Which is the best Intel or AMD? For ordinary people maybe confused when they face this question. Or maybe they do not even know about this things. These processors benchmark are race to the top

Intel Vs AMD

Which is the best Intel or AMD? For ordinary people maybe confused when they face this question. Or maybe they do not even know about this things. These processors benchmark are race to the top. So, before you decide which processors you want to pick, you will have to do Intel vs AMD processor comparison. In this write up I will help you describe what its the best feature in these processors.

There are different opinies when we talk about the features a user looks for, some people will prioritize energy efficiency as compared to other features, on the other hand there are people may be more interested in PC games and multimedia output in processor. A processor is like the heart or brain of a computer, which is execute every program, or calculation done by a computer. The calculation done by processors are in bits (0 or 1). Computer execute, save or retrieve the data in form of a series of 1 and 0 for an example 1010000101. And 32 bits processors its the most common processor, but to be more compatible in advanced and complex program, etc, 64 bit processors are suggested for users nowadays.

OK let's start the comparison between Intel and AMD

1. Intel

Intel and AMD always have stern competition, but in Intel and AMD comparison, the most preferred processor goes to Intel. Intel with basic Intel processor, mid line Intel processor, and advanced Intel processors.

Basic Intel Processor
These are the processor that include as the basic Intel processor, Intel Centrino, Intel Atom, Intel Centrino duo processors. Intel Atom it is known as the most economical on power consumption, however because of this the processing speed also comparative low. And the Centrino and Centrino duo processors are best option for conventional mobiles and laptops.

Mid Intel Processor
These processors contain Pentium dual core and Core 2 Duo processors, these processor present a good multimedia output and is be defined as an integrated circuit which 2 links or more processors, or also named as cores.

High End Intel Processor
Contains the newest processors such as Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3. Core i7 is the 64 bit processor with turbo boots and hyper threading technology. Turbo boots mechanism for the ability to over clocking the processor performance, and the hyper threading is a feature for
increasing computer performance. Core i7 presents 6 core levels performance and is comparable with 4 core notebooks. i7 is the most popular option when it comes to power saving and running applications on high level of complexity. Core i3 processors have graphic processor and built in 32nm clarkdale, which is a code name. These processors are compatible with virtualization, but they weak on turbo boost. And Core i5 are 32m clarkdale and more advance than i3, include graphic processors and designed for virtualization, turbo boost and hyper threading.

2. AMD
AMD also have a basic line, mid line and high end processors.

Basic Line Processor
Atheleon Neo, Neo X2 and Sempron belong to this line of AMD processors. Neo and NX2 are considered as the best net book with power consumption. But if you prefer are very basic activities, such as internet browsing or office you may choose AMD Sempron.

Mid Line Processor
This line are "habitation" of Turion II, Turion II Ultra and Phenom II X3 as these processor is a 64 bit processor giving up to 3 cores of performance at comparative low cost. Turion II claimed as the 64 bit mobile processor which is economical when it comes to power consumption.

High End Line Processor
Phenom II X4 and Phenom II X6 are the names in the high end line AMD processors, these processors is the best for multimedia and virtualization application, and comes with quad core chips. Phenom II X6 is a 6 core, 45nm processor. Most gaming users preferred to use AMD processors, for their gaming needs. AMD processor are comparatively economical, the balance you save can be used to upgrading your system. With another advanced graphic cards or other application that suit for your gaming needed.

I hope this comparison might help you to choose what is the best for your need.


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2nd Dec 2010 (#)

Good info and good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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3rd Dec 2010 (#)

thanks denise

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16th Sep 2014 (#)

Some people get misled by the rated speed (in GHz) of a processor. AMD processors have lower GHz figures than Intel processors of equal speed and performance. AMD and Intel processors have different architectures and different methods are used to rate the speed and performance of their respective processors. In a nutshell, a 1.6 GHz AMD is as powerful as a 2,2 GHz Intel processor, a 1.8 GHz AMD equals a 3.2 GHz Intel, a 2.2 GHz AMD equals a 3.2 GHz Intel, and a 2.8 GHz AMD equals a 4.0 GHz Intel. The speed of a processor doesn't always reflect the overall speed and performance capabilities of a computer. Other factors, such as mainboard design and memory type and speed, also have an impact.

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