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I went, I got sun poisoning, and I'm still alive to tell the tale! A concert festival in review.


This year, I attended Warped Tour at Noblesville, IN, and for the most part enjoyed myself. Although I got there a little late, I stayed until the very end. I have a shirt, a killer sunburn, and this review to show for it!

Best Performances

1. Dillinger Escape Plan
These guys were absolutely amazing. Their stage presence was by far the most energetic I had seen when compared to other bands at warped, and compared to any band I have ever seen.
There was rarely a moment when the members were resting. They were constantly jumping off of their towering amps, flipping around, and going nuts. The band's vocalist, Greg Puciato, interacted with the crowd any chance he got; Rather it be a conversation in between songs, or eye contact with the crowd throughout the performance. As a musician and performer myself, I can also respect how cleanly they played their extremely challenging music, while performing with that kind of energy. Simply put: If you're a fan of this band, or genre, you should go see Dillinger at any opportunity you get. Hands down best performance this music lover has seen, and I'll be sure to go see them again in a heartbeat.

2. Every Time I Die
This was actually the second time I had seen Every Time I Die. I originally saw them at Warped Tour of 2008, and was pretty blown away. This time they were even better. Their sense of humor and energy is just phenomenal, and like Dillinger, they play their music perfectly. They offered one of my favorite moments of warped tour '10: "The Crawl of Death".
Before the song Floater (which is probably the best metalcore song ever), the singer told the crowd to divide into two groups. Everyone expected the wall of death, yet the singer insisted that this was actually the crawl of death. He told everyone to get on their fours, and crawl into each other as slow as humanly possible, his goal being to make that moment the most awkward moment in warped tour history. The crowd of course did not do it, but it was a big laugh for me. Beside that, the set list they played was great. They hit the most popular songs in their discography, including many songs from Hot Damn!, an older album and probably everyone's favorite of their's. Once again, if you're a fan, you've got to go see this band!

3. Parkway Drive
This one came as much of a surprise to me. I have listened to this band but never got that into them. The performance these guys gave made me a fan. The vocalist retained his power from the albums, and the rest of the band played everything spot on. They also made me realize how much variety their music has compared to other break-down-heavy metalcore bands.

Biggest Surprises

1. The Crowd
Wow. I knew going in that warped tour usually held an energetic crowd. But this crowd was going insane! Maybe the culprit was the extreme heat, or maybe it was the wealth of more extreme bands, but this crowd really knew how to get down to a breakdown. For the band Attack Attack!, I could spot out four different mosh pits at any given time. That actually leads up to my next surprise...

2. Attack Attack!
This was a band I never liked. Their first album, Someday Came Suddenly, was a release that garnered a lot of buzz, but I couldn't really get into it. It was a combination of poppy techno sections with auto-tuner vocals, and breakdowns with screaming and growling. Their second release which is self-tittled is much of the same, only heavier.
However, their performance was great. They had a great sense of humor, and a great energy. Their music also had a very interesting effect on the crowd. Any time a poppy techno part started, everyone would jump. Anytime it got heavy, or anytime they played a breakdown, the crowd started viciously moshing. It was fun to watch, and something one doesn't get to see with other bands.

3. Emmure
Another band that surprised me. Much like Attack Attack!, I never really got into them before seeing them live. But their performance was truly exceptional. It might have had something to do with the level of bass their stage had, but they were extremely heavy! This had a great effect on the sun burnt crowd, and again I must I found myself watching the insane mosh pits.
I didn't get to see the entire set, however. You must forgive me; Dillinger was going on right after them, and I had to insure I had a good spot to watch them. This kind of thing happens frequently at big festivals like warped tour. I will more than likely go see Emmure if they ever come back to Indiana.

Biggest Disappointments

1. The Crowd
Please. Hear me out. If you weigh over 250 pounds, I do not want to see you without a shirt on! I don't care how hot it is outside. I weigh a full person less than you, and my shirt was on the entire time. This goes for both guys, and yes, girls too.

2. Oli Sykes (Of Bring Me the Horizon fame)
I loved this band (Bring Me the Horizion) back with Count Your Blessings. Their new CD, not so much. But I was completely disappointed with the singer, Oli Sykes', performance the first time I saw them (Warped Tour '08). I expected in two years that he would improve. He did not. He actually got worse.
Look, I'm a vocalist for a metal band myself. I know how different one sounds when they scream live, as compared to how one screams on an album. But when you can't do your high screams and low growls live, maybe it's time to work on your technique? Yes, I get that you're on the road. I get that you've done a LOT of shows. But if Winston McCall (Parkway Drive) can scream so powerfully, why can't you?!

3. "Lets Sing Along!!"
I did not come see your band to hear somebody else sing it. It's that simple. I can understand that you're excited when a full crowd of people knows your lyrics. But I came to see you. This happens at a lot of shows I go to. The vocalist takes a break, and lets the crowd sing a part of the song. It happened when I saw Black Sabbath, but I'm fairly certain Ozzy may have not remembered his own lyrics.
Oli did this a lot, but so did Winston, which made me very sad. The biggest downer was when Winston let the crowd sing "Their's blood in the water", at the end of Boneyards. The part, if anyone hasn't heard the song, shows off how low the guy can get. So shouldn't he sing it? That would be like if a song got to a point where an epic guitar solo was to be played, and said guitarist just handed his guitar to a random member of the audience.
I missed Suicide Silence except for their last song, which also made me very sad, as I was looking forward to seeing them a lot. The last song they played was "No Pity for a Coward," which makes sense considering it's their most popular song. But again, Mitch Lucker decided that the song would be better if the crowd yelled the lyrics. I like this band only because their singer sounds so good, so it was a big punch to the gut when he did this.

Closing Notes and Honorable Mentions

I saw more bands than I talked about in this article so far, but most of them were horrible, and I didn't even get to learn their names, nor did I particularly want to. Of Mice and Men played a great set, but their vocalist was on vacation apparently, so random vocalists from random bands filled his shoes. They did a decent enough job, however.
All in all, this was a great concert. I will definitely keep my eye on next year's warped tour, especially since each year's warped gets heavier and more interesting than the last. With exception to last year's warped. That lineup was horrible.


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