Was the PS3 really a good idea?

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Maybe the PS3 wasn't such a good idea, Sony should've just stuck to the PS2 and more games for it.

PS3, where's the beef? Everywhere.

The Betrayal:
The PS3 has been out for awhile, and PS3 owners all over the world would be inclined to say that the game system is the most revolutionary form of gaming entertainment in the entire video game kingdom, but it's not, and I personally think that the PS2 could've went another 2 or 3 years. Here's why I say that:

The Differences:
The PS2 has always been a superior game system because of all of the things that it could do like go online for one, play music, play video games and the PS3 can do all of that too, but my fight is with their controllers. Now, the PS3 controllers are different to be sure but are they really a well thought out idea, well I say no. The PS3 controllers are 'energy' controlled so to speak. The longer you use and play with them, the more energy it uses. When the energy bar gets low then you have to plug it up with the special cord that comes with the system. The PS2 controller is the simpler of the two because there's no energy bar telling you when it's time to hook up the controller for recharge.

Inside the Hull:
Now, I've had a PS3 for a little under a year now and personally, I still prefer my PS2 over the PS3 simply because I can play my PS2 without having to worry about it dying via red light of death. Now, whether that little deal has been handled is a moot debate but incidentally, every time I sit in front of my PS3 I'm just overwhelmed by this dark feeling that if I play it more than 7 hours a day then the red light will come on then that'll be 320.00 dollars down the toilet. Now, you have the PS2 which is better about this because you can play it for days on end and it won't crap out on you hence making it a reliable game system not to mention cheap as well.

The Games:
The games for the PS2 are some of the most interesting not to mention innovative in video game existence, the fact that the PS3 are converting these games to it makes no sense because if I know video game supply and demand(and I do) then the creators for the games will do the same thing for the PS4 when it comes out which makes again, no sense. It's cool if you want to have a collection for some game systems but draw the line somewhere because each game is unique to each system and just trying to carry those games over to the PS3 & later 4 make ABSOLUTELY no sense. The games for the PS2 are very unique to it for example, the Onimusha(s) Devil May Cry(s) and the Dragonball Z Budokai(s) to name a few. On top of that, most of the PS3 games play like Super Mario Bros which in my opinion is too easy and why I haven't bought any more of them since God of War III and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

Final Verdict:
The PS3 is a good system to have if you're just joining the Playstation game world but the PS2 is better equipped, the games are better and a little complicated not to mention that they're unique and fun. Also, there's no fear from the red light of death on the PS2 like there is on the PS3. In my humble and honest opinion, maybe the PS3 wasn't such a good idea, Sony should've just stuck to the PS2 and made more games for it then make the PS3 in 2012 with the creation of the PS4 in 2020.


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author avatar Marc
28th May 2014 (#)

Again you have made yourself look like an uneducated ranter.

I'll breakdown your points;

1. the controller, your whole point is flawed as the difference is PS2 - Wired, PS3 - wireless. hence the need to charge the battery which may i add is exactly the fucking same as plugging in a wired ps2 controller.

2. Red light of death. I don't even have to go into this one as googleing red light of death will tell you how much of a fool you are.

3. The games - The last of us. Single handedly beats every ps2 game created (IMO ofcourse it is a subjective matter).

Now i didn't come to look at your "Rant" to slag it off, also i was a mahooooooosive fan of the PS2 and we both (Giving you massive credit) know that it was a few years ahead of its time. The IP for PS2 were amazing (Although i can personally only think of around 10 games of he full generation worth a replay) but after reading how little you understand the gaming world i just had to throw a few points out.

Fair enough if you don't want to upgrade, no one is making you but saying the PS3 or even now the PS4 are a waste of money/time etc is just laughable.

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