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The rather surprising revelations which emerge when you watch television serials online in a kind of 'marathon'

Watching Television vs Online

One hour episodes of television programs are only about 42 minutes long. Without commercial breaks, and with the ability to stop and start an episode at will, the relationship between viewer and the program viewed alters.

Unlike RL where X show comes on at 9 pm on Thursday so between episode 1 and episode 2 there is a whole lot of life and other presentations. One might watch Y Show at 10 pm, then Z show on Friday at 8 pm. Time, images, intercede.

But when you watch online there is no space between episode 1 and 2.

You can watch 10 episodes of a program back to back, without dislocation or distraction.

Like reading a novel, where one sees the development of the characters, the language, the environment, as one moves more deeply into the writing, marathon television viewing has a very similar pattern.

What You Will Find

There are programs which, like soap operas, are connected to the previous episode. One must watch them in sequence.

There are other programs, despite having a story arc, are not 'Chapters'.

If you miss a few episodes of Law & Order it doesn't matter. Each presentation stands on its own.

If you miss a few episodes of Scandal, you don't know where you are or what is going on.

There are programs in which, if you only see them once a week, allow you to develope a 'sense' of a character. This only works, week to week. Seeing four or more episodes together changes that impression; sometimes 180o.

There are highly rated programs which, if you do a marathon, note the celebrated screen writer is writing the same thing over and again, creating the same character, over and again.

This is rarely noted on the weekly presentation, is overpowering on the marathon.

Grey's Anatomy

The writer has a very limited view of human interaction.

All of her female characters are cold, selfish, aloof. They all engage in rough sex which they initiate, and then walk away.

All male characters are not merely weak, they are cowed by women. They will stand silently while a female goes into a tirade. Their response is either the ugly rough kiss which leads to sex where is/as is....laundry room, car, oncall room, anywhere they happen to be.

It doesn't matter if they are doctors or lawyers, they have all the morality and decency of a doped up $2 whore.

People do not act like this. They don't get angry and speak in perfectly clear well enunciated statements.

Further, the idea that surgeons would engage in stupid and engrossing gossip while performing very technical operations is terrifying .. if it happens.


Written by the same writer of Grey's the characters are almost the same.

The language of Scandal is the same as Grey's, the behaviour is a bit more violent and the fantasy is greater. In Scadal there are two identical characters; loud, bombastic, annoying, evil men, (Cyrus and Rowan) who babble on and on without interruption...the same tone of voice.. same dramatics.

If one watches the program once a week the sheer ridiculousness of it would pass unseen. However, seeing four epis without break, it becomes ludicrous.

One begins to 'psycho-analyse' the writer. The 'characters' in each episode of the diverse series are sickeningly similiar.

For example, what is the difference between Dr. Owen Hunt on Grey and President Fitz Grant on Scandal? They are the same man.

On Grey's, if you turn your head, it is hard to know which character is speaking as they all speak the same way, use the same words, say the same things, and all have screwed up reactions to basic events.

Yet both Grey and Scandal are highly rated, and the writer is exalted.


One is supposed to see this Doctor House as brilliant. Every week he would make amazing diagnosis despite being a rather unpleasant character.

Watching a few episodes, back to back, one is nauseated by him. He is mentally unstable, makes a lot of mistakes,

In Real Life a character like House would never hold a job at a hospital much less practice medicine. He might not have lived beyond teenage as someone would have pushed him in front of a truck.

House would be a comedy if it was not wrapped to be taken seriously.

If one watches this program online, episode after episode, it proves a rather unsavoury offering.

The Written Word

Those who write novels have to focus on their readers, give them something to force their finger to turn the page. The language must be of a certain quality, the characterisations must be sharp enough so that one tends to 'know' the person being described.

Those who do screen writing for television get away with every form of triteness, as their work is served in 42 minute bites, interrupted by commericials and the passage of time.

The reader, of the novel, will remember the solioquoy on page 10 and it can not be repeated on page 37 or put into the mouth of another character on page 85.

Some of the best writers are prolific, they have many best sellers, and not with the same characters, the same events, all done in the same way.

The 'best' screen writers do the same thing over and over again in different places or environments. They write one female and one male character, and just repeat them over and again, adding a quirk here and there to 'identify' them.


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author avatar SaigonDeManila
23rd May 2016 (#)

Wonder w Game of Thrones or Silicon Valley did not made it to your cut...nevertheless this is a good share!

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author avatar kaylar
23rd May 2016 (#)

I tried to watch the First, but was rather bored by the 1st epi so didn't bother finish. I didn't glance at the other yet.

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author avatar Mariah
25th May 2016 (#)

Great post Kaylar and so well presented as always, love your take on 'House' couldn't agree with you more on that one...and it's good to see you writing here again.. welcome back

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author avatar kaylar
29th May 2016 (#)

Thank you. I just thought I'd visit now and then... and share

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author avatar paidtoblog
29th May 2016 (#)

Yes online media is one of my favorite passtimes, it is so addictive. I like watching those period dramas, set in the 1800's.

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author avatar kaylar
31st May 2016 (#)

I like it very much. I can see as many episodes as I like, stop them when I need to, restart them. I like the power.

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