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A website review on MatesGate - The BEST Paid 2 Socialize around.


Before writing the review you should know what MatesGate is.
MatesGate is a Paid2Socialize ( Literally it's like Facebook, but better ). You earn credits for doing things; Adding videos, adding friends, posting pictures, earn credits in the PAID 2 CHAT!, commenting on peoples profiles, commenting on the main wall and many, many other things.
I have been a member of MatesGate since the day it begun and it has yet to fail me.

Stats & Information

These are additional statistics.
MatesGate Stats -MatesGate receives about 1,764 unique visitors and 21,169 (12.00 per visitor) page views per day.
Information -
• MatesGate has around 5,000 members and growing every day.
• MatesGate was opened in January 2011.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Every website has their advantages and disadvantages. Many disadvantages are minor and are not much of a downfall, others may be different.

Let's start with the positive - Advantages
• MatesGate is the highest paying social network website.
• It has over 15 ways to earn credits; paid 2 chat; paid 2 watch tv.
• It pays monthly - aslong as you have 1000 credits which you can obtain by clicking the sponsored links DAILY.
• Easy to understand UI ( User Interface )
• Fast loading & 99.9% up-time.

There are many more advantages but I personally think these are the main ones.

• Advertisements *This is not a personal problem, I am fine, but I have heard others complain about it. There's a lot of advertisements, but they are MANDATORY and if the amount was decreased then the payments would also.
• Paid monthly *This is also not a personal problem but many people are impatient.

What are the earning rates?

A question may be going through your minds now - how much do I earn per credit? What are the earnings rates?
You earn credits for almost everything you do on Matesgate and these convert into money.
You earn at the rate of 1 cent per 1000 credits earned in a month. *New members are reluctant to work for that, though you obtain it on your first day. It might be a struggle to get to 100,000, but if you do what is to offer - Income Generator ( Sign up to websites such as PTCs and you are paid a certain amount per click etc ). Clicking the sponsored links, there are various blogs showing how you can obtain 100,000 credits in your first month, go read them!

Members with a credit balance of 100,000 credits or more, Featured Members and chat mods are considered to be "shareholders" and they earn a share of the bonus pot every three months, as a dividend.

Overall thoughts

MatesGate is my main source of income. I find myself very active on MatesGate and never miss a day there. It has helpful and active members of staff ( Two moderators, one Admin and multiple chat mods ).
The FAQ is written well and easy to understand.
I'd give MatesGate a huge 5/5 - which I rarely would give to a website but MatesGate has so much to offer you won't believe it until you try it!

If you wish to sign up please put Solice12 in the 'Who referred you?'.
Sign up link - MatesGate


Statistic Source -
If you have any further questions about MatesGate please leave them in the comments below or head to the 'Helpdesk' on MatesGate,


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