What 2014 Has in Store for SEO

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Google certainly kept SEO experts and marketing on their toes throughout the whole 2013. Think 2014 will bring more of the same? A guess would answer yes and no.

What 2014 Has in Store for SEO

Google certainly kept SEO experts and marketing on their toes throughout the whole 2013. Think 2014 will bring more of the same? A guess would answer yes and no. Algorithms are always being tweaked and refined, so in that sense, that bet will be new hoops to jump through. But high quality, fresh content has never dated. In that sense, 2014 will be more of the same.

For those aspects that are not as consistent as fabulous content that detailed monitoring of past trends and nuances search to see where things could be addressed in 2014 is needed. Let's take a look at predicting what will have to pay attention to this year in the world of SEO marketers .

Content Marketing continues to dominate

The heart of his successful 2014 campaigns SEO should definitely contain a comprehensive content marketing. This trend saw a huge increase in 2013 , and expects the momentum to continue for ten . Content marketing and SEO are best friends , because great content does indeed equal great SEO . The content has a variety of functions in addition to providing search engine quality results , but for the sake of SEO, nothing could be more important to the efforts of the global marketing campaigns and consistent content .

It's all about semantics

Semantic search and entity are two aspects that Google Hummingbird highlighted are updated , so it is reasonable to expect that these tactics will be even more important in the coming year.

Semantic search out more sensitive and in-depth search results . Google is always looking to improve the way it responds to the search terms of users , aiming to better respond to the finder search with each update. When we speak of entity search , we simply mean that we are supporting the efforts of Google in creating more accurate results when a user activates a search query . Therefore, the efforts of the organization and semantic search go hand in hand .

How can collaborate with Google and ensure that your site is compatible semantics? Because semantic search techniques used HTML to emphasize the focus, the meaning and the general content of the pages of the site , you need to check your keyword and metadata strategies to ensure they are compliant. Most content sites originally wrote this as a means to define the overall theme and structure of the site - this is a subtle but critical change , so review of your SEO language is integral to continued success.

Gains Momentum Long Tail

Another trend from 2013 is likely to see an increase in popularity is long tail keywords . Long tail keywords are longer 3-5 word phrases that target specific search phrases , relevant used to access specific content on your site.

Most notable , however, is the shift to a focus on seeking entity. Because search feature is a more accurate way for search engines to discover the true intention of the search engine, search long tail, of course, will be more relevant. Google and the company are trying to reduce the search results in a much more efficient and detailed manner. They can not do this with generic keywords. The more specific and focused to become your SEO efforts, the more likely you are to see stellar results.

Continue Skyrocket Mobile Relevance

Updated Hummingbird Google in September 2013 contained an essential ingredient requirements of mobile content. These days, if your site or content is not accessible on a mobile device, search engines can be considered nonexistent. All content you produce this year has to be compatible with any device. 33 percent of paid search clicks came from mobile devices in 2013 - a trend that is expected to increase, so its easy to focus on mobile content should definitely do the same.

Get Social , and get on Google+

If you post content, but no link to it from your Google+ account , you're missing out on some of the important benefits of SEO. With the new emphasis on author rank, Google is to encourage traders to be more active in their Google+ profiles and connect their content. If blogs and articles linking Google+ account of the author but a link does not appear on your profile page, the author does not fire range. Author range is another great element of good SEO, and can significantly increase your reputation and credibility.

Social cues in general are bound to be even more important for SEO in 2014 , as the search engines are able to track sent over these social real, you can bet that the algorithms are adjusted accordingly. It is also obvious that Google does not give in dominant social network, and will continue to do everything possible to make relevant and popular Google+ social destination. Ignore these efforts and their results can not be improved SEO .

Do not forget to Links

Many search experts have been sounding the alarm in 2013 , announcing that the link building for SEO is dead. Do not believe the hype - Google continues differently. Why is link building remains an important focus of SEO? Because search engines still need context on the content you are publishing and related profits.

Link building is not just a mundane task of adding links to content and the return courting. This also involves press releases, or advanced search techniques such as broken links on popular websites, senior and fill the void with relevant content (called " dead link building "). All indications are that this process non- sexy but very important need remains big.

What other SEO how they see the future trends will be popular in 2014 ?


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