What Makes Wikinut a Star Site?

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If you are already writing for Wikinut – you can testify how the site works for every article you will publish on this site but for those who are not yet writing for the site, below are some good points to know how the site will work for you.

Wikinut is best site for writers

Of all the negative feedback that Wikinut has received flying across the Internet, the site is still standing as the best site for writers. What makes Wikinut a star?

  • Wikinut is a friendly site with friendly and supportive writers and accepts anyone who has the interest to write for the site.
  • Wikinut has real people moderators to moderate articles submitted for publication.
  • Wikinut pays for article published on their site in Sterling Pounds.
  • Wikinut accepts articles that are already published on other publishing sites but written by the same author.
  • Wikinut rejects plagiarized articles – which is also normal to other publishing sites.
  • Once the article is approved for publication, immediately it will appear as a featured article and can be accessed by anyone.
  • Whoever writes for Wikinut, the site helps spread out his world connection and status.
  • Its moderators help enhance your writing hobby from layout and presentation and correcting your English grammar, including what best title and summary for your article.

Wikinut attracts many writers to join

Yes. I agree that Wikinut site is the lowest paying site compared to other publishing sites like Triond, HubPages and ExpertsColumn. However, many of its writers still do not look on payment. And the site is still attracting many writers from around the world. And this makes Wikinut a star.

Wikinut has best practice guide for writers

Writers at Wikinut are guided with best practice guide to improve their writing. I quote below that I considered very useful for writers – another point what makes Wikinut a star namely:

Writers should also promote articles outside Wikinut

Following the above best practice guide, writers here are assured that what they published will give them good returns like to attract search engine crawlers for traffic and views which means an increase of their online income. But writers are also encourage to bring out their published articles outside Wikinut through social networks, bookmarking sites and other ways to promote them across the Internet.

Wikinut becomes my second home

I am writing for Wikinut for more than two years now. Already I have published 270 articles excluding this one and some of my articles received stars. As of this writing, my total views have reached so far to 342,542 with earnings of 17.296 GBP. This site becomes my second home too. I even had created a blog called Wikinut Awesome Publishing Site For Articles that caters my articles published on Wikinut, Triond, HubPages and ExpertsColumn.

Read also:

Wikinut is open for all your awesome and original articles. Join Wikinut Community - write, publish and earn.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Sep 2012 (#)

You have given credit where due, Paul. Thanks for an incisive share - siva

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author avatar ArticleGeek
29th Sep 2012 (#)

Ppruel, I totally agree with you when you said that Wikinut is one of the lowest paying site for a writer. Not to brag about, but I write for other sites and I earn your 15.77 in one of the sites I write for in just one day! However, the moderators and people here are nice that's why I'm still writing here. Thanks for your shared articles.

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author avatar Austee
2nd Oct 2012 (#)

Yes, you are right.

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author avatar LadyQueen
2nd Oct 2012 (#)

Good insight.

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author avatar paidtoblog
23rd Aug 2013 (#)

I agree it is a very nice site to write for. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is inspiring.

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