What Should You Be Looking for in a Car Insurance Provider in Australia?

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Several factors need to be analyzed on your own before signing up for car insurance in Australia. Agents that are really confident with the policies that they sell will give you a copy of the policy draft and let you read it on your own to give you a chance to decide for yourself. Some of the basic contents are as follows:

Comprehensive cover

- Coverage for your car
How comprehensive is the coverage? One reason why most buyers settle for a brand-new care is the ready accessibility of car insurance. Most insurance providers would rather cover for the brand-new car instead of the used ones. The used ones may have pre-existing conditions that will cause some claims to get nullified. Clean papers are not always a guarantee that used cars

- Coverage for you in terms of damage to others
It is a possibility that can happen to you because it has happened to others. While you are careful in driving your car, the same diligence you apply on your own vehicle is not the same diligence that other car owners apply on their vehicles. So they end up damaging their vehicles and make you responsible for it. It sucks but getting the right car insurance would lessen the irritable feeling. You need to make this clear with your policy provider though. This should be explicitly stated on the policy terms and conditions itself.

- Coverage for damage on your own car
Now since there is no assurance that the person who bumped your car has his or her vehicle insured too if the damage afflicted is on your own car, you have to go to your own car insurance provider now. If you are with a car insurance provider than can cover you to answer for the other party’s vehicle damage, it should cover you even more since it is your own car that got damaged.

- Coverage for stolen cars
This perhaps might be the biggest reasons behind buyers settling for a brand-new car that car insurance can cover - car theft. Nothing is damaged. Well, that’s the hope. But whether you get to find your car or not, look at your policy if the coverage includes car theft. Just like parameters involving car damage, this should be explicitly stated on the policy too. Otherwise, you might end up being left holding the bag.

Third Party Cover

That’s actually a safe amount to quote since each policy provides a different amount. The really reliable agents would provide an estimated amount and would break down the expenses one by one only by request. In other cases, you would only see an amount like $20million broken down into details once you take time in reading the policy. If the agent is really confident in the policies that they sell, they will not mind letting you read the details. And you need to do it on your own too. We are not talking about your car alone. We are also helping you save money on insurance claims that might go down the drain simply because some claims don’t count.

- Fire and theft option to as much as $5000
The coverage for stolen cars was mentioned particularly in the first batch of factors to look closer in policies offered. It doesn’t mention any estimated amount though as it is here. In case you don’t see this mentioned in the policy offered, don’t hesitate asking your agent if it means “fire and theft option”, “fire or theft option” or “fire AND/OR theft” option. It happens in some policies that if fire is claimed for your car, you cannot claim for your theft claim anymore. Never underestimate words such as “and” or “or” when seen on the options available for you.

- Coverage if involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle
This was also mentioned on the previous list of factors to consider when getting your car insured. One of the biggest mistakes that you will ever commit is assume that the other vehicle involved in the accident is also insured. Stop assuming that you do. Whether it’s insured or not, you need to brace yourself for the idea that it’s not. With the right policy, you can brace yourself quicker to that idea.

Think of what is applicable to your policy first before calculating in your head what can you possibly retrieve from the other person’s insurance. That will come later if it exists. If it doesn’t, at least you calculated first what you’re bound to claim from that accident. I know that it doesn’t sound so “ethical” to start counting the money in the middle of a vehicular accident. But once you need to collect money for the hospitalization or, in worse case-scenarios, death, that’s when you have to start factoring in the budget. You should not be worrying about these issues anymore once you get a car insurance policy in Australia that would handle all of these in your behalf. Think about it.

Here’s to hoping that I was of help to everyone in need of advice regarding car insurance in Australia. No need to mention brands, just estimated amounts of cash to see if it fits your budget. Glad to be of help.

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