What are microprocessors and its different types that a person must know

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This article will clear all your doubts about microprocessor


Microprocessor is a brain of computer without which one cannot use computer at all.Its main purpose is to process data faster and allowing all arithmetical and logical calculations.The overall performance of the computer depends about the processor itself hence,if the processor has a faster speed then the output of the data will also be fast.Microprocessor processes data at a faster rate hence requires adequate culling.This is achieved with the help of heat sink and fan,which are fitted in the CPU.

Different types of microprocessors

1.Intel 8086

2.Intel 8088

3.Intel 80286

4.Intel 386 SX

5.Intel 386 DX

6.Intel 486 SX

7.Intel 486 DX,DX2,DX4

8.1st Generation Pentium(60,75,90,100,120,133,166 Mhz Clock-Speed)

9.2nd Generation Pentium(MMX & Pentium PRO with clock-speed 200,266,300,350,400 Mhz.)

10.The current Generation(Super Fast pentium II,III,IV)

11.Celeron Microprocessor(266,300,333,366,466,533,566,600 Mhz. clock-speed)

12.Cyrix & AMD processor

Generally Intel pentium,pentium II,pentium III,pentium IV,etc.. are available along with IBM,AMD & Cyrix processors and are available in market.


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author avatar Yogeshwar Maharaj
16th Feb 2012 (#)

This website perhaps can be better enhanced by providing some information as it relates to the manufacture and application of the microprocessors

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author avatar Angelin coolz
16th Oct 2013 (#)

It was very useful for my computer project, but there was pictures of different types of microprocessors it will be very useful. if u could, can u upload the pictures of that?

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9th Sep 2014 (#)


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author avatar Retired
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Pentium 1 ,2, 3 and 4 are now obsolete, as are all those prior to these types of processor. The legacy of the Pentium 4 desktop processor (and the Xeon server processor) is the Intel-patented Hyper-Threading technology which is currently used in Itanium and Atom processors and some of their 'i' series processors.

AMD, Intel's only serious rival, produce a wide range of processors, none of which use Hyper-Threading technology, although that may change in the future.

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