What are the Benefits of Zapping Devices-Hulda Clark Zappers

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There are numerous advantages of zapping as stipulated by Dr. Hulda Clark in her publication. Use of zappers has ignited a hot debate in the health industry with some questioning their effectiveness and benefits to human beings. This article seeks to shade more light on the advantages of Hulda Clark Zappers.

How Zapping is Beneficial to Human Beings

There are numerous illnesses caused by microbes and these illnesses can easily lead to death if not controlled. Dr. Hulda Clark introduced a zapper in 1990s after conducting several researches in the naturopathic health sector. After the introduction of Hulda Clark Zapper in the market, there have been a lot of debates about the Zappers and their use, but those who have used it say the devices are great in killing microbes.

Today's ParaZapper products are even more advanced than the first zappers introduced by Clark kills microbes in water meaning this devices will reduce cases of diseases transmitted by water. ParaZapper products are very easy to use.

According to Dr. Hulda Clark, “ParaZapper does not interfere with the polarity of body tissues. Microbes contain positive ion and when the device releases negatively charged ions, the microbes are killed. This happens without affecting the natural electromagnetic field of the body”

Hulda Clark says that zappers only function by releasing electric current to the body of the microbes and does not use any harmful chemical in killing the microbes.

Studies on the effectiveness of Hulda Clark Zapper by Dr. Robert Thiel, carried out on a group of people who used this zapper that the “total with any improvement was 97.9% among which 48.2% reported substantial symptomatic improvement in the Hulda Clark Zapper group”. When compared with the other group of people who din’t use Hulda Clark Zapper, “total with any improvement was 61.3% and only 12.9% reported significant improvement”. From his study, Dr. Robert Thiel concluded that Hulda Clark Zapper is more effective as depicted by the results above. Ever since this study, there has been no single study to counter it up to now. Fundamentally the most likely grounds for this, is that the Hulda Clark Zapper kills many microbes in a natural way and now ParaZapper has made improvements to it that make it even better.

The ParaZapper works by a very simple action of killing microbes in water. Remember that if these microbes are not eliminated from the water, they will enter your body and do harm to you by:

- Feeding on your nutrients therefore nutrients in the body will be reduced. This will reduce your body’s ability to fight disease

- Producing and releasing hormones that will facilitate growth of various diseases including cancer

- Releasing their toxic waste products into your body which will cause several health problems including damaging body tissues

Therefore by ParaZapper eliminating microbes from water, the quality of water is improved thereby ensuring that you are healthier. While ParaZapper products are not intended for producing drinking water, this appears to be good as an emergency application. The good thing is that with the advent of technology, now shopping for anything is simple because you can buy them through the internet.


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