What is Google Drive on Google Docs?

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Looking for a better way to store and share your files? Google has a solution for this. Check out the features offered by this free Google tool.

The Benefits of Using Google Drive on Google Docs

Google Drive is a feature integrated with Google Docs. Since it was launched it has turned out to be liked by many. Owing to its simplicity, it has made it a lot easier for users to carry their docs wherever they go.

This is how it works: You are first required to install the Google Drive folder on your PC. Once this is done, you can now choose which folders you wish to be synced on your PC. All such folders that you do not want to be synced on your PC, can be stored separately and would not appear in your Google Drive folder. Google provides 5 GB free storage capacity for your Google drive (excluding, storage for Google docs). The Google Drive software can be installed on as many computers as you like, creating a Google Drive folder on each computer. After this, you get to choose which online docs you wish to be saved on your Google Drive. It works just like a USB, the only difference is that you do not even have to carry it around with you. Simply log on to your Google account to access it for free, anywhere you want. Those who have been using Google docs for many years are outright ready to switch to this new Google feature which is better, smarter and of course, faster.

Once you have successfully installed it, a shortcut will be created on your desktop as well as appear in 'favorite links' on your Windows Explorer. You can make any changes you wish to, at anytime, and these changes will be automatically synchronized to Google Drive folders on each pc. The user interface is similar to that of office suite (not complex at all). Recently conducted researches have proven its success and are an encouragement for Google to design and provide many more features likewise, in the near future.

Google Drive's simplicity and carefully designed features have won Stuff Magazine's Gold Award. It is a lot better compared to Microsoft’s SkyDrive in terms of storage and speed. One should definitely try out this new feature provided by Google, if you do not already own a Google account, go make one. You can use it in place of a USB, in fact, by using Google Drive, you would not even have to carry it around. Simply open those files wherever you want.

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