What is Google universal Search?

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It seems that every time Google makes a change to its search engine in the world takes notice, and why not?

What is Google universal Search?

It seems that every time Google makes a change to its search engine in the world takes notice, and why not? Google is the biggest search engine on the planet, so if Google makes a change in the algorithm even smaller than used, all should sit up and take note. Google revealed to the world its new universal search Google on May 16, 2007. What would Google said it would integrate, not the right term they used was 'weaving', the new universal search engine Google in the existing Google search. First things first universal Google search is not a major change in any algorithm, or in any way mean that the criteria shown roommates search results has changed. So if you are a search engine optimizer can breathe a sigh of relief (at least from the point of view of the algorithm).

So what is the Google universal search? Well, the name is pretty self explanatory, what Google plans to do is bring more or less everything related to a keyword when searching for a particular keyword. For example, if you were to write 'Steve Jobs' in Google, you will notice that there is a search result in You tube between web results displayed. This is just the beginning of what was expected Google to achieve, what Google is planning to do over time is: for example, when you type in the 'Ferrari' into Google, will be a picture, a new article, and if possible a video of a Ferrari that appears on the front page of Google search. In any case, the idea pursued is web only give results that are based on the link, but results truly rich multimedia such as images, videos and even recent books are based on the keywords or the person you're looking for.

Today June is coming to an end, and yet only a handful of keywords are actually showing what the Google wanted to achieve universal search, as mentioned earlier in this article instead of making a change of 360 degrees in the search engine, Google has decided to slowly upgrade and integrate Google search results with existing algorithms universal and search criteria is running, so I can see it might be a while before the impact innovation of Google universal search Google (or GUS as it is called) will be felt.

Google currently indexes over 220 formats, such as HTML, PDF and Microsoft Office extensions, if you notice sometimes keywords to find really brings up a PDF document as a search result. In fact, just type in "the press release pdf 'into Google and the first results page are pdf files. This is just a sample of what universal search Google hopes to make by including multimedia extensions in their search results. As is the case with almost all new technology innovations with the search engines, Yahoo has also launched Football roommates on the surface is similar to Google's universal search. Nevertheless, I feel Google already one step ahead of Yahoo and Google results are indeed relevant and that are based on their importance (as they should), where as Yahoo Soccer actually offers the first video or image that is associated with the keyword, regardless of their relevance to the keyword.

Comparison of Google Universal Search Similar to other search engines

As mentioned above Google is not the only search engine that is working on the integration of various multimedia aspects in their search results, almost all the major search engines have or are working on versions that are similar to universal search Google , not Alfa Yahoo search, Ask and Live X. All search engines Mentioned Before Google are traditional rivals, and have been constantly working on ways latest hotel to get one up on Google, however, the simplicity with roommates Google shows the results has been the most important factor in favor of Google universal search.

Let's start with the Alpha Yahoo search, Yahoo Alpha (beta version) reality engine displays all search results in separate sections, the main results of the search are displayed in the center of the page, and the images, videos and news / Wikipedia searches shown on the right of the screen, so basically any internet search will show results separately, and image and video searches on the same page, but in a separate section.

Question X and displays live search results like Yahoo Alpha, the only additional feature that ask X has actually shown is that trade links in search engines, so, I think the folder search function lively sense, if I was looking for a map of a particular area, I will just write the name of the place to the map at the end. But almost all search engines other than Google have more or less the same pattern to display their search results, pictures, videos and other links and web results separately in the center.

So essentially for the moment Google has a unique way of displaying search results in comparison with other search engines, the question is: Does being different necessarily mean that Google is right? The answer is a bit more complex than that, I personally prefer to have a search engine that can display my search results separately, simply because I prefer the clarity, however, users have always claimed that as Google because it simpler to use, and certainly the way Google displays its search results is much simpler universal and then the rest. From what I can see, the search engines very soon Google and others should even allow users to personalize their results, and how to display the results, but that's a whole different topic.

So is Google Universal results showing similar best search engines? Well, that depends on who is using the search engine, if you are the type of user who wants a no frills or complication Google universal search is the way to go, if you like everything well cataloged and displayed, for X and Yahoo give Alfa deal.


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