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This review of American Idol is a general commentary and is not focusing on any particular season in its long history.


I rarely watch television since I became addicted to the Internet. I have to say that even before my addiction to cyberspace, I was more inclined to watch a good movie than bother with a weekly series and so I still didn't watch that much TV even back then. However, I always liked singing competitions and secretly wished that I could one day become a singer. The trouble was I had a good voice, but I was so self conscious that when I tried to sing in public either nothing came out, or it came out off key.

The Ed Sullivan Show

One year I joined the choir in elementary school only because the whole class did. I was okay as long as I sang with the group, but when I was asked to sing alone or in duet with someone I sounded horrible. I was the laughing stock of the choir, and I quit before the year was out. My grandmother said I sounded like a "cat in heat" and the sorry truth of the matter was; she was right.

So since the age of nine, I knew I could sing but I couldn't prove it to anyone. I resigned myself to watching singing competitions and other similar shows on television. The first singing show I could remember was "The Ed Sullivan Show." My grandmother and I would watch it faithfully every Sunday evening just before "La Famille Plouffe" came on in Montreal. My grandmother played country and western records in the house, so the Ed Sullivan Show was a break from a constant dosage of country twangers.

Singing in a nightclub

One of my childhood memories of my mother was her beautiful voice. She would sing Ava Maria like an angel. Once my mother caught me singing when I thought I was alone in the house. She listened before interrupting me and commented on my great voice.
"You should sing in a nightclub," she told me.

I was about 20 at the time. Then she asked me to sing a song with her and I had to explain that I just couldn't sing in public. She looked at me like I was weird. Since I lived with my grandmother many of my ways were completely different from her own. My mother never did quite know what to do with me and she never brought up singing again.

American Idol

As a teenager growing up in the end of 1960's, I was hooked on American Bandstand and in the 1980's I was crazy over the series Fame, and the Star Search Competition. I remember seeing Britney Spears on Star Search as a little girl. It is no wonder that in the 2000's I would once again enjoy a music competition.

Today, I faithfully watch both Canadian and American Idol. Unfortunately, I missed the first year of American Idol because I was working evenings at the time. I never got to see the winner, Kelly Clarkson, and the big debate on who was better; her or Justin the second place winner. . Each year afterward I was glued to the television set. The minute I laid eyes on Fantasia, when she was just trying out for a spot on the show, I knew she was going to win. I never felt that Ruben Studdard was all that good and I was voting for Clay Aikin the second place singer at the time.

I get really upset when I see mediocre singers stay on week after week when really wonderful singers such as Latoya London get voted up off way too soon. Right after each night of competition I faithfully get a call from a friend of mine and we discuss each performance and predict who would be voted off next. It could get real interesting at times.

I can't help it I love the show and I love to see young talent discovered in that way. These are the people that probably never would have made it in that cut throat industry on their own and I say more power to them.

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author avatar brendamarie
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

I really do not watch to much television myself. I prefer to watch movies.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

I used to enjoy watching singing competitions more than I do now. Canadian Idol was good as they let the people also play instruments which demonstrated more talent.

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Feb 2015 (#)

I don't watch much TV either but I did enjoy Canadian Idol and I've also watched American Idol. Blessings.

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