Where to Get Cheap Artificial Christmas Trees

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Christmas trees seem to be the symbol for Christmas. Each year families spend a lot of money buying a real Christmas tree however, you can save a lot of money to buy an artificial one. They look just as realistic and are even more beneficial. I will help customers review the difference between a real and artificial Christmas tree and give you some insight on where you can get one for the cheapest prices.

The Debate Between Real and Artificial Christmas Trees

Environmentally Friendly?

There has been a long-standing debate between buying a real and artificial Christmas tree. Many will say the tradition of cutting down a tree from the lot and putting it in your living room is the tradition however, is that really environmentally friendly? Each year, millions of Christmas trees are chopped down for Christmas. Most trees last for about a month then they are quickly thrown out and taken to the recycling centers. Instead of chopping down a tree, artificial ones will last forever and they can be stored easily in the attic or basement.


It is no secret that real, authentic Christmas trees are beautiful. However, they are extremely messy. We all have bought a Douglass Fir and have experienced the pine needles constantly dropping on the floor. If owners choose to cough up the extra $50 bucks to pay for a flocked tree, the frost will just end up on the floor and it will really look like it snowed in your living room. With artificial trees, you don't have to worry about any of the mess.


Yes, having a real Christmas tree requires a lot of maintenance. You must give it water and supplement constantly or else the needles will turn an ugly brown color. Some tree lots allow you to exchange the dead tree for a new one however, that just creates an unnecessary hassle.


Have you ever woke up to find that your favorite ornament is on the floor shattered into a million pieces? Usually you blame your dog or cat for running into the tree however, it's because the branches on a real tree can be weak. If your ornament is too heavy, the branches will bend and eventually your ornament will fall right off. You can easily avoid this problem by getting an artificial tree because it's branches are made from high-quality material to give your branches sturdiness.

Cost Effective

Buying an artificial tree is very cost effective. You only have to incur the one-time cost of a tree rather than having to pay tons of money each year for a real one. On average, a real tree can go for anywhere from $30-$150 with some flocked models costing over $200. The most premium artificial tree will run around $400. You may think that's expensive however, that is the equivalent of only four or so real trees. These artificial trees are sturdy and will last forever.

Where Can You Get Your Hands on One?

Now that I have hopefully convinced you to go for an artificial tree this Christmas, the big question is where? My answer to that is online. Don't waste your time even trying to buy one from the stores. They over charge you for many reasons. Buying an artificial Christmas tree online cuts out the middleman and offers you the lowest price possible. Most websites allow for free shipping as well. Don't hesitate to buy online, most sites offer full refunds and will refund your purchase if anything goes wrong.

Have a wonderful holiday celebration and please let me know what you think about buying an artificial Christmas tree over a real one.


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12th Nov 2012 (#)

good lines

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17th Nov 2013 (#)

I prefer artificial trees too - no pine needles dropped on the carpet

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