Who Killed the Electric Car?(2006) Review

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"America is addicted to oil" says President George W.Bush, but is there a promising future for Humanity in the Oil Industry?

Who stop our future from coming to us?

Ever wondered why scientists can never buy a patent for any useful invention any more in this era? When somebody asks your opinion about what will be different in the future, the answer you're going to give to that person will not be the same answer after you watch this brilliantly thought-provoking documentary.

In the recent years I became a volunteer member of the World Future Society via the U.S. based monthly magazine called Futurist. WFS is a society established in 1966 by the Baby Boomers, who had the prevailing sociological demographics of being afraid of the future and technology. Wherever and whenever the more you read and the more you make research about what's upcoming with the future, you end up finding yourself in a strictly controlled mechanism...

Controlled Mechanisms of Globalism Vista

A strictly controlled mechanism of making people afraid of the future is a Globalism vista. This is what 99 percent of today's scientists all over the world face, as they keep running after their dreams to effectuate an EASIER LIFE for the whole world in the future.

When I say "easier life" I am daydreaming about a future with:

* less obligations,
* less touch of economy in every little thing of life,
* less time wasted on waiting for things:
< less time wasted on waiting your flight/waiting your bus/waiting for the traffic lights to turn green >

There comes the vision of spending less time on daily transportation. Perhaps saving some time from transportation has nothing to do with the development of electric cars yet, unless you consider this thrifty controlling mechanism stopping the distributions of such futuristic vehicles to consumers. Because then it would also stop any further technology that comes with it.

Until the Earth's oil resources are totally drained coming to a point of depletion, the people of Earth will still be obliged to use refined petroleum to fill the gas tanks of their cars; since this Global Economy stays strong through the money you spend to fill out your gas tanks.

First Electric Cars that are sold and are Driven In Traffic

Whereas almost a century ago in the early 1920's Ford and General Motors have already developed the idea and possibility of running automobiles with use of electrically charged batteries. This sets the initial historical introduction of the Electric Car in this feature documentary.

Looking back to history in 1918, George B. Selden is the person who invented the first Horseless Carriage Road Engine which is developed by Nikola Tesla to be driven in traffic by use of electricity, as you can see it yourself from the video above:


The science of Electric Car has come back to development in the 1980's once more. As General Motors company developed the technology further, they have introduced their first publicized Electric Car in a 1989 fair opening. The pioneer electric car in America has been named GM-Saturn EV.1 (EV stands for Electric Vehicle).

In the late '90s in the states of California and Arizona, a total of 78 electric cars have been purchased by public. Ford Think, Ford Ranger EV, Toyoya RAV4 EV, Toyota Hybrid, Nissan Altra EV, and Honda EV Plus are the electric cars that are sold. Along the documentary, which is very nicely filmed through public interviews, we get to lend our ears to the satisfactions of electric car drivers.

Written and Directed by Chris Paine, a feature documentary

92 minutes of running time in this documentary features two main themes:

1/ the introduction of Electric Cars and their manufacturers, principals of their engines and fuels, electric vehicle charging stations, and the EV owners

2/ the investigation of the obvious question "How come there aren't any Electric Cars in the traffic today?" that is followed by "Who did take off these cars from the traffic?"

This investigation covers every little and every crazy possibility that comes to your mind when you think of who killed the electric car:

Western States Petroleum Association, California Air Resources Board, American Petroleum Institute, oil companies, development in car batteries, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, President George W.Bush, California Fuel Cell Partnership Group, car companies, lack of marketing, emission requirements, lack of public demand.

Electric Cars are taken off the traffic

Which ones are guilty, or who are guilty? Who is behind the fact that Electric Cars are taken off the traffic?

Through interviews with EV driver movie stars Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson, we begin to look for suspects following several hypes and conspiracy theories in the beginning.

With the start of 21st century, one by one every EV has been towed away to get crashed down in General Motors facilities in Arizona, seen in the photo above.

No more Electric Cars in the future?

When Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor, California has billed its electric car mandate on April,2003. At around the same period all the last EV cars are taken away from the consumers.

The writer and director Chris Paine has done a great job putting together a list of suspects, as if this is a case and as if the act of justice is required to punish the guilty.

This documentary of course cannot offer solutions to what to do about this guilt of stopping beneficial scientific developments from bringing a brighter future. It was supposed to be the mission of the American Justice System. But as long as USA doesn't approve Liberalism for its regime, no one is going to punish the guilty nor even look for a suspect in this case.

After George W.Bush declared that "America is addicted to oil" , then it all became obvious that until the whole petroleum resources drain, there will still be the same cars that we drive today in the next 200 years.

And now, when somebody asks your opinion about what will be different in future, the notion that will first come to your mind would force you to divulge:

"Nothing, pretty much everything will be same".

Cihan Vercan


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Nov 2013 (#)

Interssting psot, indeed the Bush's both fatehr and son never like the idea of electric cars, you wonder why!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
10th Nov 2013 (#)

this is bloody marvellous Sean...I agree totally with what lies behind your words...enough said here!!!

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