Who dreads big Bill?

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This is the idea I got after having watched this film on Bill Gates and his amazing career and why he's achieved to control 95% of the world market.

Who dreads big Bill?

I watched it last night. It's history film made by a US TV channel and it's about Bill Gates and his amazing career to become one of the richest men in the world and number one within the information market, having achieved to have under his wing 95% of the market worldwide.
Is this an achievement? It seems to me dubious, because big fortunes have never been created, working patiently and honestly.
I was surprised that Paul Allen is only mentioned once during the film when he was one of the brains to create the program that made Microsoft possible.
Why is it that he's achieved to have this 95% of the information market? Aren't there any others? If there are, are they so stupid when it comes to get a good piece of the market? I don't think, for instance, that Steve Jobs was when he created one of the best and most prestigious and profitable companies. Actually, I think he's got quite a number of fans or admirers worldwide that wept him when he died. I don't think that the creators of the first search engine on-line are stupid ones.
He managed to buy many companies that make computers. In the business world these are called agreements between companies, but in the real world, we call it to buy someone. This is it, Why don't they sell us computers that have no programmes whatsoever, so we'll be able to install these that are more suitable for our needs?
No way. On purchasing a computer, which isn't an Apple one, one will have to asume Bill's Windows whether one likes it or not.
How do you call this?
It's dubious the way he started on as I've read on-line.
The thin is that when one belongs to a well off family that can afford us a sound education in the mot prestigious univesities, one can go very far.
On finishing the film, the idea I got was that he's been far too ambitious, aiming to make a lot of money no matter the cost.

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author avatar WOGIAM
17th Jul 2014 (#)

Who is Paul Allen ?

True some great people do not get the attention and mention they deserve but such is life.

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author avatar vickylass
18th Jul 2014 (#)

Paul Allen was Bill's partner at the very begining of their business. I'd recommend reading Idea Man which is Paul's autobriography. Good read!

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