Why Can't I Watch the Walking Dead Online

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Are you a crazy fan of Walking Dead and looking the ways to watch the walking dead online for free without downloading? /Better you read this post before you watch this dead show.

Where can I watch the Walking Dead season Online

Why do I keep watching this show?! The Walking Dead is so poorly written it is embarrassing! I just keep hoping they will get their act together because the comic is so good. There is no reason a post apocalyptic show involving zombies should be so damn boring! I wrote a really interesting letter to Skybound this past week, would be interesting to see if they print it. I hope the show does catch up to the book. I fear a repeat of staying in one place too long (Hershel's farm) hurts the show. Of course, it was the Governors initial rush on the prison that prompted them to leave, so, maybe he will be back for that, hopefully sooner than later. I know there will be 8 episodes then a break before the last 8 play this season. I'm expecting the 8th episode to be the return of the Governor.

I am like 10 issues back on the comics, just starting to learn about Negan. I don't mind a lack of zombies as long as there is a threat and forward momentum. The show for me bungled this by having no balls. This episode killed almost 10 people and not one was a character that we care about. All the deaths this season have been from people introduced this season. They are doing what they did on Lost. It also seems like everyone is brain-dead. Every one not carrying a weapon at all times, Michonne never prepared with her sword, using your food supply to draw walkers away from the fence. It is just one uncreative lazy idea after another. The show needs to grow some balls; put some beloved characters in the ground Game of Thrones style and bring a no one is safe mentality to the audience!

Everyone dies on that show and is replaced by someone new. In a zombie apocalypse, I'd think there aren't as many people available. TWD comics keep introducing new characters and entirely new camps with loads of new characters. There is still a bunch of the initial group that was introduced over 100 issues ago, or, 3 seasons ago. The characters are still evolving on the show. By the end of this season, I bet, half of the group will still be around. I thought tonight's episode really cranked up the survival mentality of the group, hopefully this'll carry onto the next few episodes. Honestly, man, I don't see any similarities to Lost. Lost had to introduce new characters to keep the show progressing and didn't have the luxury of a successful comic to fall back on for story, and they still killed off everyone we loved (R.I.P. Charlie). I loved Lost, probably one of my favorite shows of all time. Even with all the insignificant deaths this episode, the group faced a number of immediate threats and many of the people came out stronger. I loved the Michonne aspect of the episode, sure she should always have her sword, but, she didn't. I think it made her more "human" if that's possible. Jeff, you're almost at the point in the comics where i started to doubt the series. Negan is a fantastic bad guy, but, I think his presence will be short lived only to be replaced with another psycho from another camp somewhere down the road. Nature of the beast I guess. Don't give up on this show. Also, you should read Invincible.

I've not given up on the show entirely, but I have no interest in keeping up with it on a weekly basis, this season. My friends offered me free food and a chance to watch this week's installment, and I just flat out passed. I'll probably marathon them once there are four or five out there, but I found the last season to be a collection of stagnant, melodramatic scenes that directly opposed the exciting, nail biting suspense that characterized the first two seasons. If the show REALLY had any balls, they'd have departed from the comic and kept Shane alive, because he was, by a wide margin, the most compelling character in this whole universe. But I don't know where they think they're going with the plot structure, and I'm disappointed in the survival ethic of every character who fails to prepare for the worst, in a world where the worst is basically their whole reality.

I've been watching the Walking Dead season online more out of habit than anything else and I think I've had enough. The show's too depressing and a pale shadow of the comic. The pig scene this week is where I finally reached the breaking point. It is just not what I want to watch.


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Interesting post, guess I'll check it out and see for myself

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