Why You Should Use A Turbo Oven

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Turbo ovens use less electricity, cook foods faster and take up less room

Turbo Ovens Cook Foods Quicker

Turbo ovens can look a bit space-age. But they can do everything an ordinary oven can do - only much quicker.

As you can see from the picture, they are electric table-top devices. You simply plug it in, place the food you want to cook in the transparent bowl, close the oven, select the temperature and time, and press go.

Why do they cook so fast? The reason is down to the halogen element that is in the lid. This burns far hotter than the normal element in an ordinary oven, and hence the oven gets hotter faster. To assist the process, turbo ovens usually have a convection fan to circulate the air heated by the halogen element, which ensures that all parts of the oven are equally hot.

A chicken that would normally take 90 minutes to roast in an ordinary oven will cook in just 45 minutes in a turbo oven.

Turbo Ovens Take Up Less Space

Turbo ovens are also much smaller than normal ovens - there is less wasted space within the oven, making the device compact. Therefore if you have a small kitchen with not much room for a normal oven, a turbo cooker can be space saving.

Most turbo ovens are about 33 - 35 cm wide - so they can fit neatly in a corner of your kitchen counter top.

The other advantage of turbo cookers is that they don't waste heat - where a normal cooker will heat up the entire room due to excess heat wasted, a turbo cooker will just heat up the inside of the glass bowl. So you end up saving electricity and the kitchen doesn't get over heated either.

In my opinion this space-saving device is better value in a kitchen than a microwave because it can do things microwaves cannot, such as baking and roasting. An it's eco-friendly too.


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24th Nov 2013 (#)

I have never seen these, very cool

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10th Apr 2015 (#)

I have never seen or heard of a turbo oven. You have educated me, Rose, on something new.

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