Why do we watch horror movie?

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What do we want to see and what do we want to feel watching horror movies

What are we searching for?

Love horror

Some people just enjoy watching horror movies. I'm one of them. What do we find in them?! Do they make us relax or they agitate us?! Do they make us feel happy or sad, calm or excited, scared or not?
First of all it depends of what type of horror movie are you watching. There are many different types. Just remember Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Alfred Hitchcock films... They can be based on a story of :

Supernatural things
Paranormal films
Slasher films
Comedy horrors
Religion horrors

Being a fan of horror films I can tell you that my mood is not always the same when I watch them. You think that "Scary movie " is scary or it makes you laugh. Hitchcock "Birds" can't make me feel upset or terrified. Maybe 30 or more years ago some films were quite horrible and after them our parents had nightmares for a long time. Nowdays Dracula, Frankenstein and similar stories are not interesting
We prefer to see (or maybe just to feel) the suspense, to know that those things can happen in everyday life. Not some zombies, some strange and huge monsters...Who believes in those things?! So what are we searching for?!

We want reality

We are searching for reality. For psychopathic maniacs like "Hannibal the Cannibal " ,like crazy writer in "Shining " where Jack Nicholson gets mad and tries to kill his whole family. Who can forget that maniacal writing "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".
Some people say that who loves to see horror films lacks of fantasy. I completely don't agree. Sometimes I think that people who watch cheep sentimental films,or sometimes stupid comedies lack of fantasy. It doesn't mean that I don't like other genres .I like all kind of films,horrors included.

At the end the only thing that I can say that I'm contrary to the fact that children or teenagers see some horror movies. They can influence a lot a fragile period they're passing through. I certainly don't impress myself easily like I did when I was younger. So people watch whatever you like but be always careful with the other components of your family


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