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Changing the face of games, here we see how the consoles have changed the world of gaming. Online Internet gaming is also prevalent and many game players love this. We take a look at the consoles that rule our gaming today.

Game excitement with new games and consoles

Finding a new game adds a new light to the day. Video game consoles having new software are rapidly increasing the number of things one can do while playing a game. Internet games, which were limited to arcade games, have now reached the living room. People reach for their iPhones or Smartphones, dive into their game, and spend some time. Here we see some of the latest arrivals in the world of gaming.

I. Newest Games

A) Silvergames.com
i. Football Heads: 2014 World Cup – Play football and catch the fever of the World Cup.
ii. Tornado Time: Get out of the way of the raging turrets of air.
iii. Five Minutes to Kill Yourself: This is a thrilling game about a wedding and you will love it.
iv. Penalty World Cup Brazil: Shoot the goal you must not miss.

B) Game Top

A) My Kingdom for the Princess 2: Continuing where they left of Princess Helen and Arthur defending land, fighting invaders with the help of magical cats. Longbeard the Dwarf has kidnapped the princess and Arthur must save her.
B) Million Dollar Quest: Join Sandra in her quest for the million dollars. You have to solve the puzzle to who she really is (she has lost her memory) and also help her win the prize.
C) Beetle Bug 2: You help the bug hero to survive in its world filled with horrifying creatures ready to eat the bug. You have a choice of weapons and you use tricks to survive.

C) MiniClip
A) Man or Monster
B) Tanki Online
C) 8 Ball Pool
They also have some games for iPhone and Android.
a) Soccer Stars
b) Mini Pets
c) 8 Ball Pool
And Android:
a) Soccer Stars
b) Rail Rush
c) Jelly Mania

II. Newest Consoles

Newest consoles on the market are as follows. Consoles have changed the way we play games. Downloading games from the Internet or playing online have now changed to console gaming with online multiplayer gaming options.
1) Wii U by Nintendo: The beauty of this video game console is that you do not even require a television to play. The secondary screen provided on the console, acts as a game play scree. It has compatibility with all previous plug-ins released by Nintendo. Therefore, you may use Wii Balance-Board and the Nunchuk with this console.
2) PlayStation 4 by Sony Computer Entertainment: You can play online games using PlayStation Network or any related services. In this upgraded version of their previous model, the improvements made are in motion tracking using LED light bar and use of touchpad and share button.
3) Xbox One by Microsoft: Want to go online while playing a game. Xbox One allows users to get Skype or the Internet Explorer on to their screen to one side so you can communicate with your friends. You can watch television programs too. Compared to the previous two, this console is also costlier.

People of all ages love games

There is no time like the present for gaming and if the game is new, then people are ready to play at once. It is the child in us probably that keeps us so engrossed in fighting monsters and battling others in a bike race online on the Internet. However, these things help us deal with reality in a more thoughtful way. Games and consoles, videos and operating systems nothing matter if the Internet game is on.

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