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Is new artwork from Hollywood or just another movie with zombies?

World War Z

We'll I must be frank and say that I don't know. How is that possible? Yes I saw the movie and still don't know.

Firstly something about Brad Pitt. He is really great actor. Even in this movie :-) Before I saw the movie I wonder why has hi excepted roll in some Zombie movie.The trailer on You Tube isn't something. It show really just another Zombie like movie. So I'm really intrigued. What is different in this movie?

That was my thoughts before.

And now, after watching this "World War Z", must say that this movie is not like all this horror movies about Zombies that we now.

It's more like..... "I'm the Legend" with Will Smith :-)


What's the difference between "ordinary" Zombie movies and those?

I think nothing else than production. Those two movies are made with really big money. But what is the lesson.... There is no lesson. Except if... I won't say. It would sound to much like some conspiracy theory :-) Don't think that I'm saying about it like they are or it's not watchable. Actually opposite!

At the end "World War Z" is really watchable movie and probably you won't be end up with tears for your money that you gave for the ticket.

And for all us bookworms, did you know that there is the book World War Z from Max Brooks according to which movie was made?

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author avatar kyrickz
1st Aug 2013 (#)

The trailer are amazing...I hope the whole movie are also amazing..

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author avatar Mariah
9th Aug 2013 (#)

Scenes for this Movie were filmed in Glasgow where I live
haven't seen the movie yet but enjoyed your article

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author avatar Sdenis
9th Aug 2013 (#)

I didn't now that Mariah,thanks for comments guys

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