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Verdict: Excellent remake of the classic game, which brings a number of minor complaints over a huge portion of fun for a long time.

Worms reloaded

The first part of my past. Is already fifteen years ago that the gentlemen of Team17 released into the world in the first part of the now classic game series, Worms. I'm not for this specific tensile genre where the player takes the side seen worm, who in turn-based strategy style of those nejšílenějšími kill the weapons got to the second part, but the more I dug into memory. In vain to remember and does not fit with my other game, except maybe Mashed, for which I would in a multiplayer so royally entertained. Unfortunately, the sequels to Armageddon and World Party are worms on your PC resolved to move into the third dimension, which, though it was not a flop, a hole in the world and simply not done. Fifteen years after the first part is the light of day but gets Worms Reloaded worthy remake of the excellent games from days past, but carries a two-dimensional battlefield to the hi-res display. Worms are able to talk with a bazooka after all these years?

Perish, miserable worm!
Witnesses recall the brutally difficult mission log Team17

As I indicated in my introduction, Worms Reloaded is actually a remake based on the concept of the original game, which the authors tried to select the best, and add a little allspice, just so everything smelled like a brand new worm fight back alive. The player with the two-dimensional fully deformable plácek takes čítajícího military team to four worms, which must be discarded in each other slick moves, armed to the teeth there. This is all very solid arsenal of weapons, which constitute the basis bazooka, whose shot affect weather conditions, and grenades, which in turn determine the players for an explosion. Although the menu includes a large number of crazy inventions, which can be ubezdušit soupeřovic worm, I could not help thinking that maybe škrtalo too. Yes, without a Super Sheep, Holy Hand Grenade and Concrete Donkeyho the acute worm war can not even imagine, but for example, took his bow, that allowed except murder nebohých little creatures also manufacture stairs. The silicon heaven, there are also random Battle Axe, Homing Pigeon, mortar, ... makers on the other hand, tried to bring something new, as evidenced by the dozen novotin, but I could not help thinking that the fantasy authors I do not work as in his early days. Škrtání, unfortunately, has also been the number of team members, to induce impression masochistic battles eight against eight, it is necessary to form alliances. I miss the choice of hymns for the celebration of victory to be funny or showing videos, but on the other hand, apologetic dancing is really lovely.
In one of impounding more breathtaking

Although the whole series in the spirit of multiplayer battles, and this time, the authors attempted to create a single-player campaign. There you will find thirty-five missions, in which the predominant tasks eliminate the enemy or move the worm on the designated place, then offering some Worms Reloaded deathmatch. In it is located roughly three dozen almost suicidal missions in which players stand up against big odds enemies. At first glance, an impossible situation but sometimes detract from rather contradictory artificial intelligence opponents, who can say a grenade hit the target with the use of seventeen reflections, but the bazooka often odprave yourself or your partner in the team. Greater balance AI certainly would not be detrimental, so the fun single player missions rather disintegrates in the foundations. Contradictory impressions but trumps excellent multiplayer experience, which can be run either as a classic hot-seat or over the Internet. In these fights the most stand out craziness and madness weapon arsenal, experience, when you want to be a friend could prokličkovat winding streets with the Super Sheep, are unforgettable.
Worms can now poison the well, using artillery

Parade highlights the excellent gameplay still image processing, which, although based on zažitého-dimensional concept, but the details of texture fullHD resolution look very well. Are precious and animation Grub, who, though not in terms of the loveliness of the original artwork, beautifully screaming with fear when it lands next to them burned dynamite. To remember old times leave messages, which are almost identical with the original, but which certainly do not mind! We must not forget the level editor, which need to be more oriented first, but soon comes to a bit of blood, the problem is to design the battlefield just in his own image. Really liked the vertically tuned level, where the elimination of enemies on the upper floors is especially useful bazooka using wind, which requires plenty of exercise and a hell of a good estimate.

A new addition to the worm-series brings a huge portion of fun, no doubt about it. Even if fans of the series, who are accustomed to crazy ideas from the creators of the late nineties, they could charge the impression that the new weapons they are only spasmodic efforts on innovation, the basic concept remains the same, and it delivers more fun. Mission, which aimed at bringing the old to the modern entertainment systems, were successful. For a relaxing price of 15 € a clear choice for all, whether witnesses or novices.

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