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This is a review of another new season comedy Stateside called Up All Night. It star Christina Applegate and Will Arnett.

And I had such high hopes...

Watched a new comedy called Up All Night. Starring Christina Applegate (Samatha Who?/Married With Children)as Reagan Brinkley, Will Arnett (30 Rock) as Chris Brinkley and Maya Rudolph (Bridesmaids) as Ava.
We see an anxious Reagan and Chris, in the opening scene, looking at a pregnancy test stick. Reagan is pregnant. Fast forward a year - using stills in the opening credits - and Reagan is getting ready to return to work, whilst Chris, an ex corporate suit, assures her he will be fine with the baby.
At work, we find out Reagan is a producer for a talk show called, after its host, Ava. We meet Ava, all diva energy, with all the production staff to scared to tell her anything other than what she wants to hear. Reagan is the only person who can handle her - of course.
At home, Reagan and Chris are approaching their seven year anniversary. Chris promises a great evening. Unfortunately, Ava's show is thrown into crisis, forcing Reagan to work late. Chris says he understands.
Arriving home late, Reagan and Chris decide to party anyway, they are joined by Ava and party like teenagers.
Reality hits when they are woken by their crying baby the next morning, feeling like absolute, hungover wrecks and realising that they are not young and free anymore.
Okay. Up All Night was not bad. With such a strong cast and conceived by Emily Spivey, a near decade long Saturday Night Live contributor, I was not expecting it to be bad. It has to be said however, that it was not good either.
The new parents; sleep deprivation, crying baby, guilty working mother, fish-out-of-water, stay-at-home father, are all cliches that have been touched on before in other, better, comedies.
The problem with this comedy is the script. It is not very sharp or witty. It just gives the cast situations - Chris getting lost/overwhelmed in the gigantic supermarket, hungover parents struggling with crying baby, diva talk host star - that the actors try hard to convey as amusing and does not really have any pay offs or laugh out loud moments.
Maya Rudolph is the luckiest member of the cast, getting to play the highly strung egotist, Ava, a part that is probably the easiest to write, as she is just all about Ava. Jennifer Hall is also worth a mention, as she plays the hapless, scared looking Missy.
This would have to go under the banner of gentle - if not genteel - comedy. Aimed at the thirties to forties demographic, the eighties and nineties children, who have refused to accept that hedonism cannot last forever.
It seems as though NBC are happy with the show, as it has been granted a full season ( new shows get an initial twelve episodes to find their feet. They get an extra ten or eleven if they are hits and canceled if they flop).
I can only hope - and assume, having only watched one episode - the show gets funnier.


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