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Examing the few writing sites that actually do pay for views.

Definitions and Explanations

I have spent the past years visiting just about every so-called writing site on the Internet.

Most are a waste of a key stroke.
This is because they do not pay.
Some are up front about this fact, other sites lie.

Some pay by 'clicks'; this means someone has to click on an Ad before your get 1c.

If you look at the Ads around most pages, you couldn't imagine why anyone would create such an advertisement, much less expect people to look at or respond to it
by a click

The reason why sites which pay by 'clicks' are Must Avoids, (unless you are writing Ad Copy) is because your article could be on the Front Page
of a Google Search and get 100k hits a day, but you only make 20c because only four people clicked on the Ad..

Sites that pay are those which pay for views, and although one can also join Adsense and share in the Ad revenue, one wants to be read.
To be Read and paid as a Writer.


Once the premier site Triond has tumbled so far
that where making $50 a month was the norm, now to gain $5.00 is an acheivement.

A well developed site, Triond has various subsites; i.e. Webupon for Computer/Techie stuff, Thrifter for Travel information, etc.

One is paid by views and can opt to also be paid by Adsense, so it is a double payment.

Yes, it is not much, but at least you are given a clear indication that this
subsite requires 100 hits before 1c, that subsite pays 1c for every 6 views, etc.

The owners are extremely upfront.
As you log on you can see your top articles, how many hits each received, how much money you have earned this month, and how much you have earned through Adsense, (if you use that service).

Many people join Triond because they make it easy for you to get an Adsense account, hence the site is not a total loss.

It just gets very few hits.


This site pays for views.
It pays very low.
One has no idea how the sums are calculated.
It does not pay every month, and there is no easy up front way to learn this.

Each day one can see how many hits they had on each article, and the pennies earned.

Unlike Triond it has human moderation, and specific requirements for publication as well as those for a 'Star' Page.

One must right a fairly long article, have a number of photographs, (with attribution), at least five links to other sites, at least five words printed in bold, and unless one of the Moderators particularly dislikes you, you will be given a Star; but on the front page, and maybe get a few hits.

You have to do some serious networking to get attention, but, Wikinut has a high enough reputation that allows one to Stumble/Reddit, etc.
Articles need to be long and linked to gain any kind of prestige.


This site has recently returned after six months of absence.

Previous to it's 'down' it was rather well regarded by Google.
In May 2013, it claimed it would reorganise and return IN SEPTEMBER 2013.

EC did not return until JANUARY 2014. There has been some confusion over revenue from articles published previous to May 2013 which has not been addressed.

The appearance of EC is repulsive. The writing is of fairly low quailty. There seems to be a crew of moderators who spend more time rejecting items they don't approve of for personal reasons, then dealing with grammar/spelling/coherence.

As it goes up and down, as it's 'algorithim' changes frequently, you can't be sure that you will be paid.

It is not worth a keystroke.

XXX BubblewsXXX

This site claimed to pay for views, for comments,
and likes.

When this Site first came into existence one needed to earn $25 before a pay out. This was not hard, as money seemed to pile up quickly.

Various Shills ran about the Internet bragging how they were paid eight times. Some claimed to have received two pay outs in a week.

And if you like, I have a bridge for sale.
Bubblews is a Ponzi.

It pays everyone, once. Once is enough to convince most people that Bubblews is legitimage.

You learn it is a rip when you put in for your Second Payment...


Most of the articles aren't particularly good, some are more 'stubs' than anything else, however, the site pays: ONCE.

As so many people have complained, (do a Google of Bubblews+scam and see for yourself) The owner jacked up the minimum payout to $50.00. He also made it a month between putting in for your payment and getting it.

If you Join this site, do it through an American Proxy so that it seems you are in America.

Spend most of your time commenting on other people's articles, (which gets you a couple of cents) and publish a few minor items.

When you reach the now $50 minimum ask for your payout. Once you get it, (which should be a month or more after you ask) Do not waste key strokes writing any more.

You will not be paid.

Those who recieve their 2nd/3rd pay out are;

1) Those who live in America. and complain
2) Those who received their first payout when the site was a $25 minimum, and did not put in for another payout until it moved to $50, which fooled the A.I. into thinking that they were getting their 1st pay out.
3) Shills who bring in at least 10 dupes each month to be ripped off.

What You Want

One desires a site which has some kind of 'standard' and pays for it. One doesn't want to spend two hours on an article, finding the right images, linking, bolding, and all other hurdles and at the end of the day, with all the networking humanly possible, get 1000 hits and make 1c.

One wants a site which pays. Which has clear explanations as to what pays, how it pays, and when it pays.

Do These Tests

When you join a site; (after reading the TOS) and you write your first item, try to Stumble it. If Stumbleupon won't let you, the site is rubbish.
This was the give away for Bubblewns.

Always do a "Site name + Scam" Google.

Read what other's wrote.
Judge for yourself.

If you still want to Join, use one of these tricks.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
9th Apr 2013 (#)

Good review of popular writing sites.
I will add that Wikinut does pay monthly (on the 10th of each month) but only if people have reached the minimum pay out amount.

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author avatar kaylar
9th Apr 2013 (#)

what is the minimum amount?

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author avatar Noreen Ann Snyder
9th Apr 2013 (#)

Thanks for sharing! Well deserved star page! Have a great night!

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author avatar Ritsika
9th Apr 2013 (#)


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Apr 2013 (#)

Thanks for the frank assessment - a good guide - siva

Reply to this comment

author avatar kaylar
9th Apr 2013 (#)

thank you

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
9th Apr 2013 (#)

For Bubblews I have doubt.... I haven't got my dues..

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author avatar kaylar
9th Apr 2013 (#)

A few people complained, then got paid. See if you can complain to them and get paid.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
9th Apr 2013 (#)

For information on Wikinut Payments -> http://guides.wikinut.com/How-and-when-does-Wikinut-pay-me/23_gnbq_/

I think some months they paid out at 2.50 rather than 5.

A lot of writers forget that writing is only half the battle, you must write well (things people want to read and are looking for) and promote the articles (via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and so forth) to get views. A great article might even go viral and get thousands of views.

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author avatar kaylar
9th Apr 2013 (#)

The Networking is always a situation to be discussed. That's where all the views come from.

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author avatar AnnH
9th Apr 2013 (#)

Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

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author avatar kaylar
9th Apr 2013 (#)

I am glad to be of help

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author avatar M G Singh
10th Apr 2013 (#)

Remember ALL writing sites are there to make money for themselves and not enrich writers.

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author avatar kaylar
10th Apr 2013 (#)

Of course. However, there is a difference between getting 16,000 hit and making $4 and getting 16,000 and making $16.

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author avatar Kingwell
10th Apr 2013 (#)

Thank you for the information.

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author avatar kaylar
10th Apr 2013 (#)

you are very welcome Kingwell

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author avatar kaylar
17th Apr 2013 (#)

For Example, I got 2495 hits on the 14th of April and made 16c.

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author avatar kaylar
4th May 2013 (#)

On Bubblews it is 1c per view. If you had 2495 hits on Bubblews you have $24.95 at base. And are paid for every comment.

Quite a big difference....

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author avatar kaylar
25th May 2013 (#)


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author avatar kaylar
16th Jul 2013 (#)


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author avatar kaylar
6th Aug 2013 (#)

Please appreciate that Writing Ponzis ALWAYS pay some of their Shills. At first you think it is your fault that you weren't paid, but as the number of unpaid members has increased you will learn who is who.

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author avatar kaylar
19th Jan 2014 (#)

Experts column has returned but it is virtually impossible to log on, or join.

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