XBox vs Playstation: PLEASE STOP

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XBox vs Playstation, this article shows about this war being pointless, and why we should stop arguing about it.

XBox vs Playstation

"Who wins? The XBOX, or the Playstation? The easiest answer to that is the XBox, because PS4 sucks!!!!" As reviewers say. I honestly can't get why people will get to like what they like. If you like Call of Duty, play Call of Duty. If you hate Call of Duty, don't play Call of Duty. Yet, people are starting to bash on people who manage to get those games. That case is the same thing with consoles, yet both of them are very similar. So far, there are comment wars over what is better, and it actually is sad that people are arguing over what people like. This article will go into detail why this war is pointless, and to talk about why this is all happening. Besides, I honestly feel bad for the people out there that are literally embarrassing themselves debating on an opinion. But...

Why are people arguing about it?

Both of them are rival companies. So therefore, anyone owning only a Playstation, or an Xbox will definitely hate the other. Of course, there are some people that own both, and like them equally, but if these two companies joined together, I would bet 30$ that all this debating on PS4 vs XBox will end, but people are really dedicated to their games. So therefore, anything that is against it, (Wii, Playstation, XBox, PC) they will be more hostile to those people. The strongest hostility is between PS and XBox, where people debating has gone so bad that people are currently dismantling the two consoles and studying with all the free-time they have just to figure out whats better. As far as I know, I heard they said that the PS4 was better physically.

Another Contendor: PC

No, I didn't make a typo with PS. PC is actually the best out of both consoles, depending on what type of computer is. Did you know that a certain computer build can have better performance than both the PS and XBox? I'm not bragging about it really, because I plan to actually build a PC, but I have seen some builds run significantly well. I was actually surprised when I realized how that purchase for a PS4 was a mistake. However, people still prefer consoles due to them being portable, and doesn't require any setup. Also, there can be exclusives on the game that a person have loved to play on. Assume a XBOX 1 is 399.99, and the game is 59.99 as an exclusive. If you buy the console to only buy that exclusive, it will cost you only 459.98$ for you to just play that one game. Doesn't sound like a good price, doesn't it?

How far has this gotten?

This war has gotten way too violent, and it really doesn't make any sense. The reason for this is because people pick on others over what gaming console they have, and some even get beaten up for it. We live in a world where even something as insignificant as a opinion can get somebody killed. People SWAT, DDOS people who play different consoles, if those two terms are actually possible via console. Its highly possible with a PC, and it is really bad to ruin someone's experience with something because they like it. If I disliked Barack Obama, I would more likely be called racist. The other contender, Mitt Romney, if I disliked him, I am less likely to be attacked by somebody. How does this even make sense at all?


The main reason is because its power, and even a 500$ budget can get a lot of power. Yet though, its all on preference, not a famous guy's preference, your mother's preference, it's all on one person. We all have different minds, therefore we enjoy things that other people may not enjoy. Some people may like killing bunnies, and people would stray from that person being "weird" or "crazy". Its actually proven that the PS4 is better than the XBox, but only SLIGHTLY. It hardly makes a difference on both of them, so can we please stop arguing about it? Besides, why not argue about the government, or something that is actually important in life, instead of some stupid gadget?


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author avatar RBJBrian
9th Jun 2015 (#)

I think that the bottom line for me are: exclusives, interface, and controllers. So many of the AAA games are multi-platform, so it really doesn't matter too much there.

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