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The miracle girl of Morning Musume will give us a lecture about the national sport of Japan, Sumo Wrestling. Each classes will be pretty exciting and funny to watch with the funny teacher around. Check it out!

What is Yorosen?

Yorosen! is a shortened term for "Yoroshiku, Sensei!" (よろしくセンセイ!?, roughly meaning "Pick Me, Teacher!") This show airs on weekdays, with a running time of about 7 minutes. Yorosen! started last October 6, 2008 until March 27, 2009.

Each week, an H!P member will act as a teacher and will teach her students a certain topic. The teacher will wear something related to the topic they will discuss.

Day 1: Uwate Hage

Morning Musume's teacher for the 2nd week of Yorosen is the one and only 7th gen member, Kusumi Koharu a.k.a. the Miracle girl. She will tackle about Japan's national sport, Sumo Wrestling.

In the first day of her classes, she presented a table of the Sumo Rankings. Also, Kusumi-sensei showed the photos of a Sumo Wrestlers' hairstyle and their outfit too.
Day 1 Episode

Day 2: Arm Throws

In this episode, Koharu teaches about the different arm throws in Sumo wrestling.

She demonstrated some of the moves with a huge bear and also did a demonstration of her favorite move with a student.
Day 2 Episode

Day 3: Sumo Wrestlers' Shikona

Day 3's episode is all about the shikona (a.k.a. Stage Names) of sumo wrestlers. She enumerated some stage names of the famous sumo wrestlers.

The teacher also thought up of some sumo wrestlers names for her students which is really interesting, and funny too. What stage name would you like to have?
Day 3 episode

Day 4: Behind the Scenes Look of Sumo Wrestlers

The 4th day of the lesson is about the sumo wrestlers having blogs.
It might be a little surprising to everyone, that's why it interests the students and the viewers too.

Kusumi-sensei gave examples of some sumo wrestlers' blogs. She also showed the most visited blog of a sumo wrestler.
Day 4 Episode

Day 5: Summing Everything Up with a Test

To sum the whole week's lessons up, Kusumi-sensei gave her students a test. This is the funniest episode of the week.

Sensei's expecting her students to get perfect scores, but she keeps distracting them with her funny skits. Watch and enjoy the last day of Kusumi Koharu's lessons!
Day 5 Episode

Watch the First Week of Yorosen!


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