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Normally, online writers promote their works by sharing them through emails, search engines, social networks and other bookmarking sites available in the Net, and by using some of the popular websites and professional networks - aiming to harvest backlinks and traffic. Now here is another cool online tool to use to promote our best products and services online through the power of ZEEF. This is my newest discovery that I thought might can help online writers with their online activities.

What is ZEEF

According to Frido Van Driem - one of ZEEF's curators and site builders - he defines the word as: When you wanted to play in the sand without all the rubbish like little rocks, plastic cups and twigs, you would get a sieve and start sieving the sand. After sieving the sand the only thing that’s left is high quality sand. After sieving now you could enjoy playing in the sand without the pain of all the rubbish.

Why it is called ZEEF not SIEVE

The origin of the word ‘Sieve’ comes from the Dutch word ‘Zeef’ and the German word ‘Sieb’. Before 900; Middle English was ‘sive’, Old English was ‘sife’; cognate with Dutch Zeef, German Sieb; akin to sift (source dictionary reference).

So literally, the meaning of sieve is: “Sieve (Zeef) an instrument with a meshed or perforated bottom, used for separating coarse from fine parts of loose matter, for straining liquids, etc., especially one with a circular frame and fine meshes or perforations.” And being a Dutch company, they obviously decided to choose the Dutch word ‘ZEEF’ for their company.

More details about ZEEF

Anyone can use ZEEF for his online activities. This cool online tool can help him to filtering the world’s great information. ZEEF combines human (expert) knowledge, performance and customer ratings to help consumers find the best products and services online.

ZEEF has responsible team for building the leading affiliate marketing software in the Benelux; the team has a proven track record for building high standard products in the affiliate industry. Based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) the development team has been working together for over six years. Members of the team are blogging at JDevelopment.nl. Their JSF expert Bauke is the top user on stackoverflow.com.

What benefits to enjoy from using ZEEF

At ZEEF everybody can apply to be an expert. After being accepted to ZEEF he can start sieving his own subject of which he is passionate about. And you don't need to write article on ZEEF. So when people are looking for a product or service they will have multiple experts to choose from. The competition between the experts will eventually increase the quality of the information.

At ZEEF one can create pages about the things he likes and loves so greatly - including those interesting things he just found online. He can curate them and share them to the million hungry and thirsty surfers of the world from travel, marketing, advertising, sport, writing, people, news, technology, money, business, media, social networks, games etc.

Who are the ZEEF curators and what they do

If people have applied to ZEEF and were approved - they became ZEEF experts also called ZEEF curators - their jobs are to do the searching and filtering for relevant links to quality contents and rank the best results. In the civil law - curator is a person who is appointed to take care of anything for another. In some dictionaries and Encyclopedia - curator is a manager or overseer also called as keeper - who is a content specialist responsible for an institution's collections and involved with the interpretation of heritage material.

I love creating pages at ZEEF

From the time I started using ZEEF on March 31, 2014, I ably have created a wonderful world for my online blogging hobby. Now I can say that ZEEF is a powerful tool available online connecting people with the same purpose “looking for great information”.

As of this writing, I have already five curated pages at ZEEF that are now flying across the Internet.

Wikinut has penetrated ZEEF

My first used title for this curated page was WritingForWikinut. However, ZEEF Admin has suggested it to Wikinut - his reason was that - it is a writing site where you were so familiar with it and that you have sieved it and would like to share it to the million Internet users around the globe. And yes, I approved his thoughtful suggestion. My reason was that - this page is my another take or review about Wikinut (see the attached screen shot photo) with relevant links about those star articles I published at Wikinut site.

Wikinut ZEEF has 7 blocks and 35 links

On December 3, 2014, was my last update made for this page. All of those links I injected on every block I created were all star articles I published at Wikinut. This page caters about the following block headings:

The above elements are just the initial start-up. If I have more time, I would also curate other Wikinut writers best pages including those best sites and products I discovered online to be included at Wikinut ZEEF.

Other Benefits from using ZEEF

After creating pages at ZEEF - your next job is to use those curated blocks you have made at ZEEF (see all the screen photos I used for this article) and bring them out from ZEEF to your blog sites, websites, to any social networks and other bookmarking sites. Each curated block contains relevant links and has its permalinks to share outside ZEEF.

And as an approved curator at ZEEF - you are entitled to learn about site building, optimization and also entitled to earn while helping the million Internet users to find best quality sites, products and services online.

I decided to share the good news to our Wikinut community - not for the idea to advertise ZEEF here also not to tell you that you should use it for your article marketing strategy - however, if you found it helpful for your online activities - go a head, there is nothing wrong to use it.

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