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If you are a frequent Facebook user odds are you've seen Zynga' s many social addiction games of the village sim variety over there... yes, they're a bit late to the party but here is their first mobile outing... which is very important as your about to see.

A Resist This Android Review

Odds are if you frequent Facebook you've browsed their social gaming section. That might have been your first exposure to Zynga gaming, and their more addictive than narcotics village Sims... and yes they're late to the party but recently they took the leap from PC to mobile with their first outing Castleville.

Ok yes, first off this is a fresh remake. Instead of porting Castleville from Facebook to mobile they completely remade it compacting it into a smaller package. Good news is that it keeps the addictive quality of vicious circle gameplay (buy buildings and resources, harvest money and items to craft things to sell, then turn said money around to buy buildings and resources... rinse and repeat). Basically your constantly harvesting and making stuff to earn money, waiting for tasks and items to be done all to earn money and experience to level up... a vicious circle as I said... and yes lots of people think this kind of gaming is fun... go figure.

One of the innovations of the mobile version is sending characters you unlock as you play to search out Places of Legend, in order to find special items to progress tasks the game assigns you or just to find resources you need to craft items to sell or complete tasks. Again the whole vicious circle thing.

Downside is the real money incentive is still here. Need more things to speed up long tasks? Buy it with real money. Need more virtual coin or pearls to unlock special characters that can help you build up experience if you feed them items on a regular basis? More money. What makes Zynga games addictive is that this is entirely optional EXCEPT in My Little Pony... something Zynga needs to completely overhaul, one of several flaws in that game by the way. That, by the way, is what makes these games good. The whole idea of paying real money (or Amazon Coins in Amazon's case) to progress or speed up the game should be something you want to do because you like the game, and an optional thing. With patience and hard work you can roll along fairly well without spending cash... again a flaw that must be fixed in My Little Pony... and really if your being forced to spend real money to progress in a game it stops being fun (My Little Pony).

One last bonus is that on certain holidays your given a special companion and given holiday missions to earn a special character. A pity you can't keep the holiday character but... maybe they'll be back next holiday. Also did I mention you can play the game offline without internet? Always online games (My Little Pony) ultimately wear me down.

So all in all Castleville hits all the right marks while balancing premium content that you can still earn if you work hard enough, making it fun and... yes... addictive as all heck. Also if your getting started with Zynga on Mobile start with this game... it seems to be the template for future releases by Zynga (Farmville 2 : Country Escape). A 5 out of 5.

Next Zynga review? Farmville 2 : Country Escape. Stay tuned.

Your turn! Zynga and Castleville and Farmville.

Ok it's your turn. Talking about Zynga both Facebook and Mobile. Clarksville and Farmville 2. So post below, no flaming except, of course, against Zynga... thanks.


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