how people are effected in conflict in the poems come on come back and charge of the light bregade

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a review and perception on how people are effected by conflict in 2 poems

how people are effected in conflict

People affected by conflict
In the poems come on come back and charge of the light brigade this is my perseption

Come on come back shows that people can be driven to suicide by war: ‘seizing her in an icy amorous embrace’ the oxymoron highlights how her death is welcome; there is irony in the fact that her drowning is described in a way to indicate love there is a suggestion that her confusion, due to war, has led to a desire fro death. In contrast, in ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’, war is described as making heroes: ‘Boldly they rode, and well’ the fronting of ‘boldly’ emphasizes its connotations of bravery and this juxtaposes the fear felt by the girl in ‘Come on Come back’

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Well done. Thanks for a nice share.

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