the wolf of wall street 2013

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the wolf makes the movie action, its good name for the story that you are going to read

review for the wolf of the wall street

the wolf of wall street 2013
directed by Martin Scorsese
screeplay by Terence winter
and its based on another movie from Jordan Belfort

starring Leonardo dicaprio, kyle
release on : last month.

Duration is 197 minutes, hope you like movie
Made in USA.
The story is:
This American movie released last month, and the screenplay by Terence, its Belfort played by Leonardo who is stockbroker in USA.
He runs a firm that is engages in fraud and corruption on wall street, the firm is Stratton Oakmont.
The movie is made in old fashion, means they dress like old days the film features some new face, or upcoming stars.
in eighties Belfort become a stockbroker to work at wall street firm, Mark his boss do not take him seriously and tells him to adopt a new lifestyle to include drugs. He thinks that is the way to work, but Leonardo is studying and doing exams to have the broker, and that the day he finish the exam 7 and take the degree, he finds out that he was kicked out of his work, and that is due to the black Monday.

So he tries and check other job, in the way, his wife Teresa Petrillo, try to find him the job of his dreams and before he work in other things, she finds the ad for investor firm, Long island boiler room, they deal with penny stocks.
So his dream job, as an aggressive worker he find his way with Donnie the salesman who lives in the same complex with Belfort and his wife, so they open a firm together and here Belfort hires all his friends who has no job and also those who deals with marijuana and also his friends from the new job investor firm joins this new job, they become very well known and he hires his family to do the finance but then the police smells something and voila.

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