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Do angels communicate via personal synchronicities? I am collecting some evidence they do.
An author moves into a mansion he inherits from his deceased aunt. Soon, his missing son and paranormal activity within the house begin to haunt him.
A Woman Called Moses is a movie about abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. This is a summary of the movie about the popular woman, that was ahead of her time.
A film review about an aging actor who wanted to proved himself on his acting abilities beyond his forte and career mortality.
My take on this movie, which begins intriguingly and promises more to come.
The movie "300, Rise of an Empire" is a block buster and show cases a woman admiral in the navy of the Persian king Xersis
We discuss some behind the scenes fun facts about this fun chapter of the Miauli series, "Captain Miauli lends the use of his ship to Leopoldt the tiger".
We discuss the EENDAG film chapter "Chasing after a livestock thief", and treat you with some fun facts and behind the scenes infocandy!
Spectre, a much touted Bond film resurrecting a tattered hero from the otherwise better Skywalk was released amidst fanfare and blitzkrieg advertisements on the TV. The first weekend, at a Kolkata theatre saw a less than full capacity. The author shares his feelings about the movie.
What happens when a common conman on a routine mission stumbles on something that could have disastrous and far reaching consequences if it reaches the hands of a much more sinister criminal group, and an undercover police officer is also on the hunt. Well, Daud is a movie with such s...
This following three movies are completely different from each other. If you are looking for a good gangster movie, then I suggest "Carlitto's Way." If you are looking for a thriller then watch "The Paperboy." Finally, if you are looking for a good psychological movie based on som...
#ALDubEBTamangPanahon reached over 41 million tweets beating the record of the 2014 World Cup semi-final match between Brazil and Germany, which consists of 37.6 million tweets.
In fact India and the West is a crane who is standing on one leg closing his eyes pretending that he is sleeping.
National Geographic launches its first scripted miniseries in time for Thanksgiving with a new take on the Mayflower.
This is a review on a anime television show called Yu-gi-oh which is about a kid and his journey through defeating enemies through a card game called duel monsters.
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