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Review of Border Movie(1997): Views presented are personal and regarding the Movie only, not for the real life events surrounding the war shown in the Movie
A horse called Rintintin. A Walt Disney fairy tale with many war sentiment and heartbreaking melodramatic, but picturesquely portrayed.
I died of boredom. In terms of content, it's a disaster and the story itself is a bit far fetched.
It is admirable what these guys have done in reality, but the film on his own was weak and a bit boring...
My personal review of a Movie based on a great historical event of the Battle of Britain during WWII.
During the battle of Stalingrad in WWII, an expert Russian sniper and an expert German marksmen have to outdo each other in a bloody battle. So what happens next?
This page is my own review on the epic Trilogy, The Lord Of The Rings.
Simple acts of bravery is the theme of "Hotel Rwanda" (2004) which has been heralded as the "African Schindler's List" and sweeps the viewer to the Rwandan Civil War and genocide of 1994 and a real-life hero who connived to protect his family, friends and neighbors from the civil unre...
My personal opinion about this movie based on 1999 Kargil War. I saw this movie based on my interest in history, though I do not favor wars as they bring destruction, madness, sadness and do not benefit either the victim or the victor.
Francois Truffaut tackled almost every movie genre: romance, drama, suspense, comedy, family film, thriller, noir. In the element of the war drama, he decided to look at a small part of World War II, instead of a larger part. In this way, he tells a specific story which ultimately is ...
Brief review of the Korean war film, "Tae Guk Gi".
Kubrick was without a doubt, a one-of-a-kind film maker. His reputation was made on less films than one imagines, however. Not including documentary shorts, he only gave us 13 films. Yet, in those films, he poured all his mastery and expert capability. "Paths of Glory" was only his fo...
My personal opinion about this movie based on 1999 Kargil War. I liked the movie a lot.
There are many war movies but the discussed below are among the best
Though a lot of critics say the story did not stick to it's factual details still Brave Heart has been an unforgettable to movie to most viewers. This 1995 War Movie has claimed it's worth in following what ones heart holds to be true.
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