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Review of Movie Avengers Infinity war. I will discuss the movie its strengths, weaknesses, and how that plays out to the next sequel in the Avenger series for Marvel and Disney
In fact India and the West is a crane who is standing on one leg closing his eyes pretending that he is sleeping.
Absolutely ridiculous ... Perhaps I'm too serious :)
After the Three Jurassic Park series, comes this Adventure and action filled movie starring Chris Pratt and the Indian actor Irrfan Khan. So whats in store for us in this movie...
Uninspired, slowpaced and dull ... even with such a cast !
A religious topic but sadly enough nothing new. Eventually it degenerated into something boring.
And adventure movie about a man and wife who each work in rival assasian organizations.
"The Physician" is a beautiful, old-fashioned adventure film, situated in the dark ages with its poverty and unsanitary conditions.
It should be noted a detail of the film. The characters walking on the edge of Havana, where the breakwater called the malecon, a wall where you can sit and listen to the sound of the sea, sometimes feeling the splash of salt water splashing on the sidewalk. Unique place, extremely at...
A faint duplicate of the movie "Twister", without conviction and swagger.
Allthough I'm not that religious, I really wanted to see this movie and look what all the fuss was about. Oh well , I guess whatever religious topic used for a movie, will cause a stir. In the end this wasn't that bad. At least I didn't fall asleep like after reading the Book ....
Epic finale of the fantasy adventure in the Hobit Trilogy
Since "C.A. Winter Soldier" came out and I've read great things about it, I thought it was time to watch this in advance. "Winter soldier" is way better and an awesome movie. This was just a dull spectacle.
The hero is suffered to be himself (Emerson, 1860). As well as being a great adventure movie, "Hercules" movie show heroes from a little bit different perspective. The message is that you do't have to be a God to be a hero.
Hey it's like a Bud Spencer movie ... but Bud looks more sexy in this movie ...
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