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We discuss the EENDAG film chapter "Chasing after a livestock thief", and treat you with some fun facts and behind the scenes infocandy!
Is it possible that golden "Taurus" was a deliberate mistranslation by Aaron in his attempt to get control of the priesthood away from the Levites? He knew it was not Taurus but Torus, torsion field.
America's Test Kitchen is a television program that is shown on PBS across the United States. The program is also can be seen on PBS's sub station called Create TV. This list will give you more information America's Test Kitchen.
Do news channels depict our world the way they are or they depict the exceptions? Read on to know more.
The Living Well Network (LWN) is a network that is on a digital sub channel that is shown around the country. The station shows a variety of different programming like travel, cooking, do it yourself and many more interesting types of shows. This a review of different types of program...
Sarah Polley wanted to show the city of Toronto, which is thought of as a snowy land to be sure, in a different light. Here she dreamily unveils the city in the ecstasy's of summer. Heat and light cast exuberant colors on character's faces. It is an altogether unique and romanticized ...
The widely popular book series 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' might just have taken a hint from this film. There is wisdom in food preparation, presentation, tasteful atmosphere, and pleasant company. A good dinner party not only elevates the mind but draws us closer together.
An article on Joss Whedon's much ado about nothing
In the vast and sundry volcanic lava flow of movies that cascade on us each year, there are a few films that rise above the mire. The ones that do, shine not because of special effects, or inflated budgets, but rather memorable performances that can not be categorized easily. Even to ...
A study looking at the Character development and narrative in art films in comparison to mainstream
Roddy McDowall only directed one film, but by all rights, he should have helmed a few more. His sense of fun and love of film shines through in this odd little gem. This is B-movie-making at its best.
Small, independent films are few and far between (at least the one's worth watching). Big stars often like to do them to keep their acting chops sharp - kind of like going onto the stage to prove your a real actor. Here's a little film made a quarter century ago that has a lot goin...
Want to see a weird, little independent film that was made on a shoestring budget in the mid-1980's by one of cinema's truly independent artists? Then try Jarmusch's homage to the 'road picture', a mix of humor and oblique pathos. For any fan of the mundane made graceful.
Review of Aki Kaurismaki's "Ariel" (Eclipse pictures, 1988).
This is a critical analysis of mise-en-scene as it relates to three directors and their subsequent films. The director's expert use of mise-en-scene enabled them to explore race, gender, and sexuality in subtle fascinating ways.
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