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Why Breaking Bad was a Masterpiece in quality, drama and tension.
The first year of Better Call Saul was very good and a big candidate at the Emmys.
A personal take on the sequel to comedy-drama movie Tanu Weds Manu(2011), full of twists, turns, drama and comedy
This is a feel-good movie of the first rank. It isn't a blockbuster and will appear in the VOD circuit.
An easy-going, cozy film about an old couple selling their apartment. Freeman back again in a superb way !
Although it looks a lot like a typical movie, at times the acting transcends the average.
A not so bad UK drama based on true events. That's what could happen with teens using the internet without parental supervision... I'm getting old :)
A review on the movie American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper. Movie highlights, actor impressions, personal opinion and a quick anecdote of my time on the American Sniper movie set!
A dark,gloomy and depressing movie where a bunch of things go wrong. But the acting is superb !
A brief personal opinion of the Movie : The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Don't be surprised but this movie is about gambling. But I'm sure real gambling isn't as boring as this movie ...
An impressive movie and a standing ovation for Aniston from me personally.
I never knew Ryan Gosling had a son ... An intimidating film with a rather shocking denouement.
Nothing that special, but in the end it was still entertaining enough ....
No need to say that I was utterly touched by this mind blowing movie. Brilliant in every way .....
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