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Cerebral combat trainer allows you to play ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ by combining brainwaves and holographic projection technology
I grew up my entire childhood playing games in various arcades. It was a time of great wonder, seeing various technological wonders all lined up in a row. These are some of my favorites (in no particular order).
I have a lifetime love of video games, but I also grew up with a form of entertainment that long preceded video games. Below is a list of my top 5 favorite pinball games.
In this rant, Brian goes off about the plethora of remastered games being released for the current gen systems. None of the consoles are innocent - as all have committed the crime. He discusses examples from Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS, Sony's Playstation 4, and the Microsoft Xbox One....
I have been a Sega fan for over 30 years. In addition to creating great groundbreaking games and consoles over the years, Sega also has made contributions and improvements to the gaming industry that many of us take for granted today. Many of these innovations were way ahead of th...
XBox vs Playstation, this article shows about this war being pointless, and why we should stop arguing about it.
Brian reminisces about the top ten news stories regarding video games in 2014. Such topics include the DDoS attacks, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Destiny, remastered games, Xbox price drops, Watchdogs, Twitch, and more!
I have been playing video games for about 40 years, but everything has a beginning. My beginning with video games was essentially also the beginning of the video game industry itself. Here is my story: (cue Law & Order bangs here).
Many people view the Sega 32X as a colossal failure. I would agree from a sales standpoint, as it failed to sell even ½ Million units. Despite Sega’s pleas to the contrary, it was obvious that it was a stopgap measure. However; looking back, the system upgrade that could a...
One of my favorite genres of video games is 2D fighting games. Unlike their 3D counterparts, the 2D fighting games have stood the test of time, and don’t look as ancient as they are in reality. Below is a list of my top 10 2D fighters, and the method that I experienced the game ...
The Kinect for the Xbox has been wrongfully maligned as a device that is both inaccurate and not fun to use. I would like to refute those claims by analyzing the two main purposes of the Kinect.
This is a list of my favorite games for the Sega Genesis, in no particular order.
This is a list of my top 10 Sega Saturn games, and some honorable mentions.
This is a list of my top 10 Sega Dreamcast games, along with some honorable mentions.
This is a list of my most played Super Nintendo Entertainment System aka SNES games. This differs from my favorite SNES games, because you can like a game a lot, but not play it much. Case in point, I loved Chrono Trigger, but wound up getting stuck, and not playing it nearly...
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