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A look at Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and a look at what makes the novel unique,
Stoker’s Dracula is the mother of all modern vampire novels and films. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look back to this ancient novel.
A personal review of the attributes and possible surprising enlightenment that a reading of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein can provide.
A review of a book collecting six short stories by William Hope Hodgson featuring his psychic investigator (and ghost buster) Thomas Carnacki
The Doctor John Silence series was one of Algernon Blackwood's early successes, an occult investigator who came to the aid of the haunted. This book collects all the stories in one volume.
When we have read the horror book and put it aside, whichever time of day, or night, it is; that is when things really start to get interesting.
Has been a long time that a book kept my attention that I did not want to put it down.
[i]Full Dark, No Stars[/i], is a collection of four Novellas by Stephen King. All four stories have one topic in common: revenge. This article is a short review about this collection.
Bram Stoker is a legend of horror writer. His character fiction, Count Dracula, the vampire, being legend and has inspired many authors till his next generation.
This review is about the second book in the Circle Trilogy and it is called the Dance of the Gods, where an old man tells the story of vampires and the six who were chosen to fight them and save humanity.
This story was told by an old man who is telling it about vampires and the forces that come together to save humanity from them. This review will explain how this all started. This book is the first in The Circle Trilogy.
The book known as Guilty Pleasures is a great vampire book about Anita Blake who is a Vampire hunter. She lives during dangerous times when vampires live among the humans and the law says that they are okay. Life is good as a vampire hunter until the oldest vampire asks her to find ou...
A brilliant story by Steven King. Weird, interesting and a great story to read. Find out more here.....
With the new horror anthology "The Devil's Coattails," you get the weird and the wonderful, with 30 pages of artwork and works by some of the best horror writers working today.
James Herbert, OBE, has over 39 years experience in the writing world. If you asked me what books he had written the first to come to mind would be "The Rats, Liar & Domain". He has ruled the British Horror genre from day one of his career and is still a number one best seller acros...
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