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A Woman Called Moses is a movie about abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. This is a summary of the movie about the popular woman, that was ahead of her time.
The movie "300, Rise of an Empire" is a block buster and show cases a woman admiral in the navy of the Persian king Xersis
National Geographic launches its first scripted miniseries in time for Thanksgiving with a new take on the Mayflower.
Thanks to modern perspectives and some talented writers and directors, we have some unique and wonderful modern film interpretations of ancient mythology and the journey of the hero, a literary theory that repeats itself in almost every story we tell.
Once the dominant genre in the film industry, many moviegoers today wouldn't even know what the term "peplum flick" means. After a long haitus, the peplum flick (a film genre named for the metal skirt that a Roman soldier commonly wore, but is not always about Rome specifically) is en...
Indian history serials should essentially be based on facts, otherwise, they propagate prejudices in the hearts of next generation.
American Adobo is not just a common film telling stories of love, relationship and attitudes working abroad, but it cooks for a menu that talk about politics and life after the revolution. One main political critique of the film was the concept or idea of getting a good future and for...
No apologies... a general indictment of everyone everywhere by three screenwriters who were ripped off by Barack Obama, a murderous coward that Oliver Stone has no kind words for either
I am very happy and proud of to my entire friends in “THS” community (Ternate Heritage Societies) especially to Mr. Iwan Dano who is creativity to make an indie movie was setting in Ternate Island, this is an exceptionally result of his creativity.
An impressive, breathtaking, haunting and frightening movie that I surely won't forget.
I choose to watch the film Anonymous again and was thrilled at the detail some of which I missed first time around. So much variety and depth, scenes of London during that period and great costumes added up to make a splendid film. I think that thereby hangs a tale a piece of great ...
Superb and fascinating. A must-see movie for me at least. It’s basically a cinematic documentary of the darkest, ugliest and saddest period in American history.
A pretty intense movie in which Eva Green sparkled and the screen turns red again. Still, I thought it was a mediocre sequel to a peerless original film.
A great movie with lots of emotional moments which is based on historical truth.
Now this will come as a blast ... It really erupts .... An action-packed and sparkling sandals movie where the graphics of the catastrophe were sometimes excellent but not realistic visualized.
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