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Wait... can I even find this anymore since MARVEL has all the rights to the Star Wars trilogy of comics... anyway it's the Speculator Age if I remember right and this is but a part of an overall push by Dark Horse concerning Episode 2... the proper movie adaptation.
What originally started out as a brief batch of comics for the Mane 6 has grown to now presently include the villains (the 2015 Fiendship Micro)... So with that said here is the 2013 Micro series aka My Little Pony Tales... congratulations, you already used that title for the title of...
Never heard of the Captain Canuck 2014 Summer Special? Never heard of Captain Canuck? Well...actually that's not too surprising, really. Say hello to Captain Canuck. Bronze Age icon who allegedly saved the Canadian comic book industry 40 years ago... yet has the smallest comic book co...
It's the Speculator Age, it's a crossover, it's Batman versus Predator, they did more of these but this is the first, so read on.
Spoiler - If you are not a fan of the Reboot Age Star Trek movies odds are you won't be a fan of this Star Trek ongoing series. The white washing of Trek begins with Operation : Annihilate. Meanwhile we also look at the "gift" that keeps on giving, Vulcan' s Vengeance.
Well a few years after Star Trek 2009 a full fledged Star Trek ongoing comic, that is still going to today, launched... spoiler only fans of the reboot era movies need to apply concerning this series. Even later when they cross over with Deep Space Nine, Next Generation, Voyager and w...
With the present Secret Wars 2015 meshing together the MARVEL multiverse into a single universe that means... nothing in regards to the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. X and A still can't cross over due to who owns what, what little comics you get related to said movies are always prequels...
Just because your an icon of your chosen field it doesn't mean you can't have your occasional bad day. It's the year 2000, the Dark Age of comics is upon us, and animation icon Don Bluth is about to do a bad thing with his movie Titan A.E. This comic doesn't help none.
Year one of the MLP FIM Pony Ongoing. With Volume 2 coming out in Late September let's look back at the first, and why it's always a good time to read Pony.
Comics can sometime be used to promote things or push product... So here's what may be the longest running free digital comic series whose one sole purpose is... to promote the military lifestyle and sell you on joining the US Military... yes... that's it... why.
These days, especially with the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, your getting alot of prequel comics. I don't know but why can't I get a good old fashioned movie adapt comic to go with my movie I want to sed. Like this. From the Speculator Age it's the movie adapts for Tim Burton's Batman a...
Admittedly my first review request, today I'm reviewing the first Deadpool arc from the most recent series from the dynamic duo of Poshen and Duggan... soon to be endlessly rebooted by MARVEL post Secret Wars 2015 (if it survives MARVEL' s disinterest in holder of all things mutant in...
With Ash vs. Evil Dead coming to the small screen in the Fall, and the present status of the movie franchise in limbo, enter New publisher Space Goat and their take on Evil Dead 2. A comic that has room for improvement but also looks promising and potentially good... I mean groovy.
Spider-Man is the greatest superhero in the Marvel Universe. Here are some of my favorite moments of Spider-Man.
Pony. Pony. Human Pony. We breakdown NYCC and the newest on comic pony, pony on TV, and the long rumored Equestria Academy. We will start off with the comics.
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