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Princess Bride by William Goldman started out as a book that everyone wanted to make but no one could until Rob Reiner came along. See behind the scenes through the eyes of Cary and his cast mates. I wish things could have been slightly different but Miracle Max isn't doing any spells...
The greatest fear in the World is still said to be that of the fear of public speaking. Fear of heights is a distant second, fear of drowning in deep water, comes in at number five. Way down the list of the ten top fears, at number ten, is our fear of dogs. This book provides a go...
For long I believed that Wicked was written as an original play. Browsing through an airport bookstore, I discovered the book that the play is based on.
A history of an important album, and about its players and writers.
I wrote this review some years ago based on the original edition of the book. He has updated his book several times. In the original book, he talks only of using film to make a movie.
This article is a plot summary of the play Romeo And Juliet by William Shakespeare. It is a love story about Romeo and Juliet whose families are enemies.
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