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Movies I Have Personally Watched. Show i have seen. Ill try to update frequently.
Toad of Toad Hall has been making us laugh and smile for many many years so inspired by my dear friend Mark Holmes I decided to do my it is do enjoy as much as I did writing it....
Alia Bhatt's excellent performance in "hihway' brought back the memories of 'Vagina Monologues' that i saw a few days back
1960's Classics family Movies for everyone who loves romantic ,creepy scary, and even cheesy horror movies.
Fun for the family.....if a little difficult. Have a go, you may have more knowledge than you think stored in your brain.
Indian cinema has always been known for being a thorough entertainer. There are some movies, however, which end up striking a chord with the audience. Lets have a look at a few of these...
Movie review through my own eyes on Gnomeo and Juliet
This is a list of my favorite Christmas Movies of all time, both in color and black-and-white. Most are from the 40’s and 50’s when I saw them in their debut appearance.
Hayley Mills has been acting all her life. Her films range from comedy to drama, but she is best known for her "family comedies" of the 1960's. Mills is almost an icon of the live action Disney-type genre and her films remain highly entertaining.
The coming-of-age film is a difficult genre to put across. It is usually either too patronizing, too syrupy, or just plain too cliched. There did exist, however, before John Hughes, a film which some Generation X folk may be familiar. It is a film around the time of the "ABC After Sch...
John Ford conjures up images of a tough, whiskey-swilling, eye patch wearing, Irishmen who compromised for no man. Yet, that is only part of the great director's legend. He made a few movies that were softer than his bravado.
This amazing movie, we all know about it whether we read the story or watch it as cartoon. Now you will see it on TV as a movie. Check the Les miserables movie review.
The first two chapters of the C. S. Lewis family classic....
Hello Ghost is a South Korean comedy film about a man that is depressed and a lonely man that wants to kill his self by attempting suicide
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