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This is a book review of Reinventing Schools, Reforming Teaching: From Political Visions to Classroom Reality (2011) by John Bangs, John MacBeath, and Maurice Galton.
The diffusion of innovation theory was first proposed by Everett Rogers through it's publication in 1960 by defining it as a process where innovation communicated through certain channels at certain periods to members of the social system.
The essence of this theory is about the stability of the group vs. group changes, as well as determinism vs. free choice based on social structure. These theories focus on structures that were created and brought back through generative rules and adaptive and power sunber group member...
This is a review of two of Walter Dean Mayers' books, Fallen Angels and Sunrise Over Fallujah.
This is a book review of Education Policy Research: Design and Practice at a Time of Rapid Reform (2014) by Gunter, H.M., Hall, D., & Mills, C. (Eds).
Social Exchange Theory is a theory that is based on the exchange of rewards or positive rewards and cost for measuring the value of the result / earnings on the different situation for each individual
In the fast paced world where everything which is smart, innovative and advanced is considered practical and successful. Every year, thousands of students appear in IIT-JEE, PMT and CAT examinations to acquire a professional degree, because it is the time of hardcore professional peop...
According to Francis Bacon, readings completes a man but now a days, young readers are not into reading books anymore because they are busy with some other things like gaming online.
This article has an aim of educating scholars on the importance of reference sources. Reference sources as we all know that it is a source of information or a document that enables one to make reference or prove a fact. The article is important in that the individuals will gain knowle...
In the process of Human Resource Development, discrimination should therefore not occur at any level because its occurrence will of no doubt affect productivity drastically.
This paper has examined the wider and local contexts of the dearth of academic research in Nigeria since the last quarter of the twentieth century. It has demonstrated, with specific reference to Edo state, the negative impact of underfunding and mismanagement, wrong ordering of socie...
A good fiscal and physical plan of Vocational and Technical Education will lead to the achievement of VTE objectives stated in the national policy on education.
Teacher's pre-service enhanced the chance to become culturally adjusted so as to exchange between teachers-students cultural background
This article is about a review of a good ebook reader, which helps you to read your ebook more comfortably than before.
Mine Requires Ventilation for its perfect working. here is the history how mine ventilation was setup.
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