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Lisa McMann's series, THE UNWANTEDS, tells a tale of twin boys. One is Wanted. One is not. In a world where creativity is a crime and military might is desired, how might you fare? I know I would be among THE UNWANTEDS.
Dystopian Fiction is becoming a massively popular sub-genre, especially for YA fiction. If you are a fan of Divergent, Ender’s Game, or the Hunger Games, you may enjoy this Margaret Peterson Haddix addition to the collection.
Margaret Peterson Haddix is one of my favorite YA authors. She writes for a thinking audience of hopeful individuals willing to see the world differently. While her books in a series are great and popular, her stand-alone books are what I enjoy most. A recent one is FULL RIDE.
A college student named David, renting a room for the term, gets a bit more than he bargained for at the Pennykettle house with its dragon-sculpting housemum and her daughter Lucy.
This is an in-depth look at Lisbeth Salander, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
I happen to be a sucker for fairy tales. Especially fairy tales with awkward and intelligent princesses who rely on cunning and wit more than vapid beauty. So far, the works of E.D. Baker, beginning with THE FROG PRINCESS do not disappoint.
The final book of the Artemis Fowl series is a must-read for followers of the series, but works as a stand alone if you like a good fairy adventure with very little romance. This book has a lot to offer in the way of female characters as well, so those who enjoy fantasy, wit, fairies ...
Nancy Drew mystery stories sparked the author's curiosity when she was a girl, and inspired her to be an observer and recorder of human events.
It happens once every 100 years. A person is born who can become invisible. A Wall. But in Laura Ruby's book, The Wall and the Wing, the sometimes-invisible orphan girl (name Gurl) thinks she is anything but special. But she finds a cat and turns truly invisible for the first time, an...
Anne changes Marilla completely in "Anne of Green Gables"
Although she appears in only one chapter, Judith Loftus has much importance in "Huckeberry Finn."
We all grew up having read one or two fairy tales which we could consider parts of our childhood memories
This is a review about Meg Cobet's book series about a girl who finds out that she is a princess.
This is a book review of a children's book called Winnie the Pooh by A.A Walkne.
Miss Lavinia Pickerell is the heroine of a popular series of children's science fiction books. Here is a look at two of them, and the differences between books in a series written by different authors.
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