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Panchatantra stories are one of the most ancient fables for children that help to teach moral lessons to them through stories portrayed by animal and human characters.
Jataka tales are a collection of interesting stories that are based on the life of Buddha and each story contains a moral lesson that helps to add value to life.The Jataka tales for kids contain deep truths and are believed to impress lessons of great moral beauty.
This is a review on the children's book Help for Rosie. The book is about two puppies trying to figure out how to get one out from getting shots from the vet.
This is a review on the children's book called Revolutionary War on Wednesday by the author Mary Pope Osborn.
This is a book review of the children's book "Biscuit Wins a Prize". It is a book that shows and tells what a puppy can and cannot do.
This is a review on the book called The One Left Behind by Willo Davis Roberts which is about a girl who finds her courage and hope after she has lost.
Slappy the Dummy makes a comeback in "Goosebumps: Movie Novel."
This is going to be a book review on a children's book titled "Biscuit and the New Baby".
This will be a book summary of Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes. It will also share with the reader how teachers can use it the classroom.
When I was a child growing up in Muskoka, I had the best time of my life. This book can still transport me back to that time and that place.
This is a book review of Clementine a children's book about a child who gets into trouble without really trying and finds out the meaning of friendship and being a friend.
Enjoy my summary and short review of, The Wind In The Willows, a classic story written for children and the young at heart.
4th January 1785 saw the birth of one of one of world’s greatest story-tellers, Jacob Grimm. Together with his younger brother Wilhelm (born in 1786) he collected and retold a large number of folktales that would almost certainly have been lost without their efforts.
The Little Prince is a novel written by Antoine de St. Exupery whcih talked about a little boy from another planet who travels and meet different grown ups whom he learned confusing thoughts and ideas.
Arthur Ransome is renowned for his series of children’s novels written between 1929 and 1947, probably the best known of which is his first, “Swallows and Amazons”. However, his life story was also something of a mystery adventure, but of a very different kind from that depicted...
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