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“Where the Picnic Was” is a poem written by Thomas Hardy in 1913. It was a late addition to a set of poems written after the death of his first wife, Emma.
“His Visitor” is one of the collection of “Poems of 1912-13” that Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) wrote following the death of his first wife, Emma (née Gifford). It is one of three poems written in the voice of Emma’s ghost.
“The Spell of the Rose” is a poem that Thomas Hardy wrote following the death of his wife Emma in 1912. It is one of three such poems that are voiced by Emma’s ghost.
This article presents, and comments on, one of the poems that Thomas Hardy wrote following the death of his wife Emma in 1912.
“After a Journey” is a poem by Thomas Hardy. The journey in question is one in both space and time, and it is also a journey into the poet’s psyche. Here is a description of the poem and the story of how it came to be written.
This is a presentation and description of “The Haunter”, which is a poem by Thomas Hardy that was written following his wife’s death in 1912.
“The Going” is the first of a sequence of poems by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), given the title “Poems of 1912-13”, in which he dealt as best he could with the devastating loss of his first wife, Emma (née Gifford), who died on 27th November 1912.
This is an analysis of a well-loved poem by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) about young love recollected from a distance of both time and space, although the love theme has to be inferred.
The Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale is one of the Canterbury Tales told by Geoffrey Chaucer (c.1340 – 1400). As with many of the tales in the collection, it is accompanied by the story of its telling; it has features that set it apart from the other tales.
Drummer Hodge by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) was first published in Literature on 23rd November 1899 with the title The Dead Drummer. It later appeared as one of the War Poems in Hardy’s 1901 collection Poems of the Past and the Present with its new title.
Through the Mist is the third collection of poetry written by the talented Canadian poet Regis Auffray who truly is a master of poetic words of the heart.
William Hazlitt advocates his views on the best way of writing familiar style. He illustrates his points with a lot of examples from his contemporary prose writers. . While writing familiar style, Hazlitt advises the authors what to do and what not to be done. He started using certai...
Two poetry books written by poet Susan Joyner-Stumpf Wolf Songs and Killing Angels actually help save the lives of wolves and dogs all over the world...
“Some People” is a 1988 poem by the popular Irish poet Rita Ann Higgins. It is a poem that pulls no punches in its portrayal of modern life on the bottom rungs of the social ladder'
“Pied Beauty” by Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-89) is a prime example of two of that poet’s most innovative characteristics, namely the “curtal sonnet” and “sprung rhythm”. It is one of his most popular poems today although, like nearly all his output, it was unknown by th...
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